Most of the time, the road to expertise is never smooth. Challenges come in different forms and quantities. The journey from novice to expert in driving is not an exception to this trend. Apart from the difficulty of grasping driving drills, it is not uncommon for people to throw jabs at vehicles clearly marked out for driver lessons as they believe the rider is totally inexperienced and they are way better than they are.

Despite the negative energy with which the public greets learners while they are in the process of learning, it has been discovered that it is worth the effort. Facts and figures have proved to be on the side of those who defy all odds and make sure that they practice adequately for their driving test. Taking a look at the numbers from driving instructor training partnerships in Ireland, students actually perform better than others who just jump at the test with the little idea of driving. This informs the need for more training instructors within the country.

There is an interesting trend in the Hollywood movie industry over the years; they have taken an interest in building movie scripts around driving schools. The actualization of this concept has brought about the production of some epic movies over the years.  Now, there are even driving school based movies that stand the test of time since which is great for the driving instructor training profession in Ireland as it creates awareness for their services.

Driver’s ED:

Sometimes, all we need to achieve our goals is a motivating factor that is strong enough. This was the case in this 2005 movie. It features a girl in her teens that had consecutive test fails after taking a driving test several times. Then she needed a license so she can see travel to see her boyfriend.

She finds someone who volunteered to help her as driving instructor. How sweet it was for him to find help out to ensure that love wins at the end while at the same time, he was carrying out his official duty!

The involvement of a driving instructor and the role he played in this 2005 classic movie shows the importance of driver instructor training in Ireland. Also, it shows how the job of a driving instructor goes beyond the basics!

The Last Date:

There are two interesting facts about this driving school-based movie. For one thing, it is one of the first of its kind, dating as far back as 1950. More interesting is the fact that it falls in the horror category. The story features a destabilized killer trying to escape from the consequences of his action and guess what he got; more troubles! In the process of trying to escape the aftermath of the murder, he finds himself knocking off innocent teenagers; more trouble indeed! But that is not all. At the end of it all, he got himself involved in a car accident.

You would agree it is a shift from the norm where the movie ends on a “happily ever after” note. However, the message came across about the dangers from unethical driving.

The Third Killer:

From the title, you could have guessed it follows the same horror trend with “The Last Date” if you did, then you actually made a right guess. This movie, however, features a salesman who goes on a deliberate mission of using car accidents to kill people in a bid to make a dishonest gain. His targets are business acquaintances who have an account with him. That way he will increase the tally of closed accounts.

To cover his tracks, he makes a tweak on his name. However, he ran out of luck when it was discovered that the name spelled in reverse turned out to be that of the salesperson.

Moving Violation:

The 1980s saw a whole lot of fallout between youths and authority. It was not uncommon to see youths having a clash with the police, school authorities and even political figures. Moving Violation mirrors this trend perfectly as this 1995 classic saw a set of teenage folks stand up to abusive police characters. Watch it and find out for yourself what makes it a driving school-based movie.

Driving School:

This is the perfect driving school classic you shouldn’t miss. As the title implies, the movie is centered all-around a driving school and it highlights all the challenges a driving school could face in the process of running.  It is even exciting to see that even foreign movies do consider making a story out of a driving school.

The 1990 movie features the owner of a driving school who had to deal with challenges in this course of running his academy. The story is characterized by issues such as relationships being strangled among individuals in his school, suspicion, mistaken assumptions, and errors.

It is important to note that not all driver education movies feature accidents, grits, and bloodshed as this may learners away from the idea of learning to drive. On the contrary, there are loads of films that coming generations of youths will find them interesting to see. A good example is that of “red asphalt”


It is obvious that Hollywood has its own version of driver education movies. Although it does not always fall in line with what the driving authorities would have loved in some cases, it has contributed in no small way to the education of the populace in terms of driving rules, ethics and eligibility procedures.

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