Every month, millions of women in the world endure unimaginable discomfort during their monthly periods. Postmenstrual syndrome, popularly known as PMS affects more than 75% of women undergoing menstruation. With symptoms ranging from mild to fatigue to restlessness, cramps, and anxiety, the feeling can be too much to bear. In fact, it is estimated that there might be more than 150 different PMS symptoms affecting women. Unfortunately, these symptoms can only be managed and that is why there are numerous remedies recommended. However, the best CBD oil for PMS is believed to be the best remedy needed to manage these symptoms.   

Can You Use CBD Oil for PMS? Does It Even Work? 

Yes, you can use CBD products for PMS management. Various studies have confirmed that CBD can manage a broad spectrum of PMS symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability, pain, and menstrual crumbs, among others. Experts recommend full-spectrum CBD oil for this purpose, but you must choose the best brand from existing options since there are numerous CBD brands in the market today that can address some of these common symptoms.

How do you then choose the best product best brand from an ocean of products currently available in the market? Our team endeavored to try out some of the best-known brands.

Top 5 CBD Oil Brands for PMS

Things we Considered When Choosing CBD Oil for PMS

Considering there are many product types, with different CBD potencies and preferred applications, we came up with a clear guideline on what to use to measure each brand. Our team considered the following factors:  

  • Source of Hemp: preference is given to organic, U.S cultivated hemp. 
  • Brand Reputation: How reputable is the brand? What are customers saying?  
  • Product Effectiveness: Does the brand really works, or it is mere hype? 
  • Price: Do customers get value for their money, or they are being ripped off? 
  • Shipping & Return Policy: How fast and efficient is it to ship and return these products?  
  • Customer Service: Are they customer-centric or not? 

Best CBD Oils for PMS in 2021 

Adhering to the above criteria, we managed to rank the CBD oil for PMSNote that each brand has its own competitive edge, and we tried our best to bring it out in the best way possible.  

#1 Fab CBD Oil: Best Overall

It goes without mentioning that Fab CBD is the most visible brand today. Founded in 2017, the brand has managed to withstand and retain its position at the top against the chasing competition. CBD is a competitive industry that only has room for those who pursue the extraordinary. The professionalism at FAB can be attributed to the backgrounds of its founders, who were mainly drawn from associated industries such as nutrition, fitness, and health. Their product line-up is comprehensive to meet every customer’s need at a price they can afford.  

Source Of Hemp 

All the products Fab makes are from organically cultivated hemp in Colorado. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used to retain their purity. The cannabinoids are extracted via the CO2 method which guarantees purity and inclusivity of all cannabinoids. Any other ingredients such as terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and minerals, among others are sourced from botanical alternatives.  

CBD In Use 

The full spectrum CBD with less than 0.3% THC concentration is usually used by Fab in the manufacture of their products. There are however THC-free alternatives manufactured from broad spectrum CBD can opt for.

Brand Reputation 

This is a highly reputable and transparent brand that is known to stick to utmost professionalism. Their laboratory reports show that they adhere to minimum and legally acceptable THC concentration and maximum CBD potency. They have many customer rewards and discounts that have endeared their customers to their products. Their customer care team is responsive, and online shopping is easy.  

Fab is a transparent brand whose products are tested by the verified and ISO-certified ProVerde Laboratories. These tests not only show the cannabinoid profiles, but also the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities.  


Fab CBD has various price offerings for different products. Some of them are as below:  

  • CBD oil drops in strengths of; 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 2400mg from $59  
  • The 25mg THC-free, non-GMO gummies from $49 
  • 1000mg (30ml) & 3000mg (75ml) CBD Salves from $79-$205 
  • 600mg CBD cream at $49 

What We liked 

  • Variety of products, flavors, and CBD strengths for different tastes 
  • Numerous offers and discounts on their website.  
  • Easy online shopping experience.  
  • Use of organic hemp and CO2 extraction. 
  • Third-party testing of their products with utmost transparency.  
  • Broad range of products to choose from.  

What We Disliked  

While we ranked FAB as the best CBD brand for pain, we felt like there are a few areas that they can do better:  

  • Their products line-up might be smaller compared to other companies. 
  • They only ship within the USA.

Shipping and Returns

The company offers free shipping on orders of at least $99 as well as 30-days money-back guarantees. The customer pays for the return shipping costs.  

Customer Service 

The company has an excellent customer service system that attends to inquiries promptly. You can contact them via online live chat, email, phone, or social media handles. The representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. 

Final Opinion 

In the CBD world, a brand’s survival is defined by its ability to manage its reputation by delivering top-notch products. Fab CBD has defied all odds to remain at the top consistently over a significant period of time because of its consistency. With superior quality, organic, non-GMO, and pure products due to third-party testing, this is definitely the best CBD product for PMS management. With the right product, a visit from Aunt Flo should never be painful but a celebration.  

#2 CBDistillery Oil: Best Variety   

When the Balanced Health Botanicals founded the CBDistillery in 2016, their focus and motivation was to provide CBD users the world’s best hemp-derived products. Ever since its inception, they have invested in a wide variety of remarkable quality products such as tinctures, gummies, balms, and vapes. They manufacture full spectrum (0.3% THC concentration), broad spectrum, and isolate products to meet diverse customer needs.  

The company prides itself in having attained a number if certifications such as the ISO 9001:2005 which is an international certification for quality management, and the US Hemp Authority Certification. Now, it sits squarely amongst the largest and most vibrant CBD brands in the world.  

Source of Hemp  

The company sources for purely organic and non-GMO hemp cultivated in Colorado, California. Thereafter, they use the CO2 method to meticulously extract the purest CBD from hemp, free from impurities. With up to 99% purity, users are guaranteed the best and safest CBD for PMS that is equally good for their overall wellbeing.  

Brand Reputation 

The superior quality products the company has been manufacturing over the years has earned it the trust of its customers. Going through its website reveals thousands of positive customer feedback. Furthermore, there are no known cases of warnings from the Food and Drugs Administration regarding the quality of their products for PMS pain.  

All CBDistillery products undergo testing by an independent, and licensed third-party laboratory. Currently, the company uses Florida-based ACS Laboratory for its tests with reports of each batch tests posted on its website. One can also scan the QR code on the labels. Certificates of Analysis are highly recommended because they not only show impurities but also profiles of various cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, or CBN, among others.  


The broad range of CBDistillery products comes in various strengths, sizes, and prices to meet various needs. Excessively painful menstrual crampsfor example, require CBD products with high potency compared to other conditions such as sleep disordersSome of their products are:  

  • The full Spectrum 1000mg-30ml CBD oil tincture that retails at @60. They also have a 500mg-30ml bottle for $35.  
  • 500mg CBD salves for $50. 
  • 30mg full spectrum softgel 60ct softgel $115. 
  • THC-free 1000mg-30ml CBD oil tincture for $55. 

What We liked  

Our team liked the following about this company’s products: 

  • Verified third-party testing for each batch.  
  • Abundance of products to choose from depending on need.  
  • Organic hemp and CO2 extraction for purity. 
  • Discounts and promotions 
  • Competitive pricing. 

What We Disliked  

  • Product display on the website could be better for effortless shopping.
  • Some concerns about the potency of their products

Shipping & Return Policy 

All orders are processed and shipped within 2 days after payment processing. They also offer free shipping for orders more than $75 and a 60-day money-back guarantee on first orders processed through their official website. This does not apply to products purchased from retail stores or other outlets.  

Customer Service 

CBDistillery has an effective customer support system. You can chat with their team straight from their live chat system online. They have an active Facebook page with more than 26k followers, as well as Twitter.

Final Opinion 

Having considered all factors, we strongly feel that CBDistillery is worth the hype and reputation it enjoys online. We recommend that users try out any of their products numerous such as tinctures, vape oils, and creams, among others to make an informed decision. It is however one of the best CBD oil for PMS and associated conditions such as anxiety and depression.

 #3 Medterra CBD Oil: Best THC-Free 

When a great team of professionals drawn from industrial farming backgrounds specializing in vegetable genetics, quality control, and compound extraction technology joined hands in 2017 and formed Medterra, their objective was to deliver customers with the best CBD products. Ever since, they have heavily invested in cultivating the best hemp in Kentucky which is used to manufacture a wide variety of products.  On their website, they claim to be certified by the U.S Hemp Authority, their hemp is 100% organic, and all their products are tested by qualified and verified third-party laboratories.   

Source of Hemp 

All Medterra products are manufactured from organically grown hemp in Kentucky in line with the strict guidelines by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. They use the CO2 extraction method to ensure there are no solvents, heavy metals, herbicides, and other impurities in their products.  

Initially, the company was strictly making THC-free products but has ever since diversified to full-spectrum, isolates, and broad-spectrum CBD in its products. It promises 99% cannabidiol potency. This gives users the choice to decide which products to choose depending on their preferences.  

Brand Reputation 

Even though there are no customer reviews on the company’s website, the brand is relatively popular amongst its users. There is no proof that the company has been warned at any point by FDA regarding falsifying information about CBD’s medicinal values. It has an impressive A- rating on Better Business Bureau with only one customer complaint closed over the years.   

Medterra undertakes third-party testing of its CBD products for PMS with licensed and regulated laboratories. This only complements their internal quality assurance mechanisms to guarantee consumers of the safest products. These lab reports are posted on their website for easy access by the general public. The consolidated COA reports are essential in determining cannabinoid profiles of every chemical compound present, impurities such as pesticides, heavy metals and solvents.   


The company’s rich product portfolio is made up of tinctures, capsules, gummies, and creams, among others. Their strengths, sizes, and prices vary. Here are some of their main products:  

  • 25mg full spectrum gummies at $39.99 
  • Full spectrum oil drops available in 750mg (15m), and 1500 and 3000mg (30ml) from $49.99 to $169.99. 
  • 50mg full spectrum capsules at $109.99 

You can check out their product catalogue from their website.  

Shipping and Returns 

The Medterra offers free shipping for all orders in the United States and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the customer pays for shipping. Orders are shipped within three days while claims for goods that are damaged can be made in less than 72 hours after receipt.  

What We liked 

Having assessed numerous factors about the brand, our team liked the following:  

  • U.S-sourced hemp that is organically cultivated.  
  • Positive ratings on Better Business Bureau.  
  • Customer care.
  • An active Facebook page and engaged online community.  
  • Third-party testing of products  
  • Free shipping 
  • Competitive pricing of their products. 

What We Disliked 

There are a few areas that we feel the company can improve on such as; 

  • Needs to improve on shipping as there are a few complaints regarding delays.
  • A slow loading website.

Customer Service 

Medterra has one of the most responsive customer support team. With a functional online live chat, email, and phone, customer enquiries are promptly responded to.


Medterra has proven to be consistent in its processes and product offerings. They seem to have taken care of quality assurance measures at every stage of the value chain to protect their customers from poor-quality products. They have amazing discounts and offer value for money. Whether you are a beginner or a regular CBD user, this is one brand to try out.  

#4 Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil: Highest Potency 

Having been in existence for more than 6 years (it was founded in 2014), Nuleaf Naturals have been consistent in manufacturing some of the best organic CBD products that are rated highly for their purity and potency. Their products are rich in other naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. It adheres to strict third-party laboratory testing to ensure that the best CBD oil for PMS products are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and fungicides. These tests are conducted by an ISO-17025 certified laboratory due to their superior quality and high level of accuracy in their results. It is also a GMP-certified company.

Source of Hemp 

The hemp extracts used in making Nuleaf products is organically cultivated in Colorado. The company tracks every step of the cultivation to guarantee the highest possible potency, ideal for managing conditions like menstrual crumbs effectively. The hemp is harvested at its peak and undergoes the CO2 extraction for utmost purity.  

Nuleaf Naturals has specialized in full spectrum and highly concentrated CBD oil. The full extract is highly recommended for making some of the best CBD oil for arthritis alongside other medical conditions such as anxiety, sleep, and even PMS. Unlike other types such as isolates and broad-spectrum, full spectrum enables users to enjoy all other cannabinoids found in hemp plant.  

Brand Reputation 

The main reason Nuleaf Naturals is more reputable today can be attributed to their wide variety of full spectrum CBD products that are favorably priced. There are thousands of positive user reviews on their product catalog, especially because of the quality of their products.  Checking their Facebook page confirms the brand’s popularity amongst CBD users.   

Nuleaf Natural endeavors to adhere to the strict federal regulations regarding third-party testing of their products. The COA reports outline impurities and cannabinoid profiles. This guarantees consistency in quality and eliminates possibility of impurities in their products. You can easily access the lab reports straight from the website.  

Product Effectiveness 

Our team, upon testing various products, confirmed that indeed the brand lives to its reputation. The 3000mg full spectrum tincture was especially reported to be effective in managing PMS.


Buyers are assured of a wide variety of products with distinct strengths and sizes. Some of their strengths are: 

  • Full spectrum tinctures in 300mg, 900mg, 1800mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg from $29.99-$399.99. 
  • Full spectrum capsules in 300, 900, and 1800mg potencies from $29-$149.  
  • Full spectrum balm in 300mg in 0.5 ounces, 600mg (1oz) and 1.5oz 900mg) from $29-$79. 

You can check out their website for more products and their respective prices.  

Shipping & Return Policy 

The company offers 2-3 days free shipping to all destinations in the U.S.A. They also offer 30-day refunds but the customer pays the shipping fees unless the product is wrong or defective.  

What We Liked About the Brand 

  • Their full spectrum CBD products are rich with other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and CBC, and terpenes, among others for the ultimate entourage effect.  
  • The company is GMP-certified.  
  • Instant discounts and customer programs targeting veterans, medical providers, caregivers, and first responders, among others.  
  • Verified third-party laboratory testing.  
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee. 

What We Disliked 

  • Absence of various flavors to meet different customer preferences.  
  • There are no THC-free options.  

Customer Service 

The company’s website doesn’t have a live chat online system, but customers can engage the team via email, phone calls, or Instagram, and Facebook.  

Final Opinion 

It is evident that Nuleaf Naturals identified a niche and decided to give their best. Their full spectrum products are loved by their customers. By sticking to the organic hemp and CO2 extractions preserves all the available cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Highly ranked full-spectrum CBD products manufacturer.

#5 CBDPure Oil: Best for Effectiveness

CBDPure is one of the pioneer CBD manufacturers established in 2016 to provide the best CBD products to meet the surging demand due to its medicinal value. From our analysis of customers’ feedback, the company has managed to carve a niche in the field to meet their needs with most of them noting that they are effective. Manufactured using organic, non-GMO, U.S-cultivated hemp, their products undergo third-party laboratory testing by verified laboratories. 

The company is one of the few that specializes in full-spectrum CBD oil which ensures utmost preservation of all cannabinoids, natural terpenes, and numerous phytonutrients that are naturally found in the hemp plant. The company understands the usefulness of the entourage effect of cannabinoids, guaranteeing users the best relief against pain, anxiety, and other conditions.

Source of Hemp 

The hemp used by CBDPure is grown in the United States, Colorado, with strict adherence to industrial hemp cultivation guidelines. This is one of the reasons why the brand stands out because other manufacturers do not disclose their sources. Users are therefore assured of 100% organically cultivated and cannabidiol-rich products. The CO2 extraction method used ensures the highest level of purity.  

Brand Reputation 

CBDPure enjoys positive reputation online and amongst its users. The feedback from their customers from multiple sources is positive, with most of them appreciating the quality of the products especially in the management of pain and other ailments.  

CBDPure products are manufactured adhering to strict quality control protocols and manufacturing guidelines. The third-party laboratories that carry out these tests seek to eliminate the presence of pesticides, microorganisms, residual solvents, profile other cannabinoids, and heavy metals. Results of certified laboratory tests can be accessed on the website. In fact, you can access these reports for every batch they manufacture.  

Product Effectiveness 

Our team tried out the CBD oil for PMS varieties. They are highly effective in managing PMS symptoms and therefore highly recommended. From our analysis, it is apparent that the 1000mg CBD oil is more effective than the 600mg alternative.


The brand is available in various forms, sizes, strengths, and prices.  

  • The hemp oil, which is their leading product, is available in three main concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg and retails for $29.99, $54.99 and $79.99 respectively.  
  • 750mg softgels with prices ranging from $89.99 for a one-month supply to $374.99 for six months supply.  
  • 250 mg CBD cream for $39.99 per bottle.  

Shipping & Return Policy 

The company has a 90-day money back guarantee policy for customers who are not 100% satisfied with any of their products. Other than the USA, UK and Canada, CBD Pure does not ship internationally.

Customer Service 

Their customer service is among the best. They can be contacted through live chat on their website, email, or phone. Their customer support team appeared informed about their products and were friendly when contacted.

What We Liked About the Brand

  • The money back guarantees exude confidence of the manufacturer in their products.
  • The comprehensive third-party testing is necessary for quality controls. 
  • Products are pocket-friendly and offers value for money.  
  • Organic and CO2 extraction for great purity.  
  • Professionally designed website.  

What We Did Not Like.

Even though we liked this brand, there are a few areas of improvement that can be looked into:  

  • Limited variety of products as they mainly focus on tinctures, softgels, and cream.  
  • Absence of flavor variety. 
  • Limited international shipment as it only ships to the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

Final Opinion 

CBDPure is an amazing choice for CBD users seeking to manage pain as it is available in various strengths and dosages; from beginners to experienced users. The only shortcoming might be the absence of flavors as well as limited variety such as the popular gummies. It is however one of the best CBD oil for PMS with users praising its effectiveness.

What do Researches & Studies Suggests on Using CBD Oil for PMS? 

With a lot of attention currently focused on discovering the medicinal abilities of CBD, there are clear indications that CBD products can be effective in managing some of the PMS symptoms. Every woman has a different experience, and therefore, how effective CBD is in managing PMS will vary extensively. For example, a research review carried out in 2014 indicated that CBD can be used to manage depression as it is rich in antidepressant properties. Since some of the common PMS symptoms are irritability, anxiety, and depression, CBD can be the most ideal remedy for this condition. There is also preliminary evidence that CBD can help with anxiety management.  

Other studies show that CBD is effective in the management of various sleeping disorders, which is also a common symptom of PMS. There are many other studies that have been conducted on the effectiveness of CBD in managing common medical conditions, but their findings are still in preliminary stages. 

What is CBD Oil Anyway? 

Cannabidiol, which is popularly referred to as CBD, is a natural chemical compound, one of the more than 100 cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. However, for industrial use, it is extracted from industrial hemp and used to make a broad range of products to manage various medical conditions and boost the overall wellbeing of the body. Various studies show that it can manage symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, arthritis pain, epilepsy, and even cancer.  

CBD Oil Types & Differences 

There are three main types of CBD oil; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates differentiated by their cannabinoid content.  

  • Full spectrum: Contain all the cannabinoids found in hemp, including the THC at 0.3% and terpenes.  
  • Broad spectrum: Contains all the other cannabinoids, save for THC.  
  • Isolates: This is the purest form of CBD that is free from other cannabinoids, including THC.

Which One Should You Pick for PMS?  

Studies show that full-spectrum CBD oil is the best because of its diverse cannabinoid concentrations. To realize these, all the chemical compounds and terpenes work in synergy to create an entourage effect. Considering the diverse symptoms of PMS, full-spectrum CBD products have proven to be more effective.  

The Pros of Using CBD Oil for PMS.

The following are some of the advantages of using CBD products for PMS management.  

  • A number of animals, as well as human studies have proven that CBD can be instrumental in mitigating symptoms of PMS, ranging from anxiety to stomach upset and even back pains. However, it must be emphasized that these findings are only but preliminary as more work needs to be done to ascertain their efficacy.  
  • There are very few known side effects of CBD due to how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is unlike antidepressants and NSAIDs that are synonymous with side effects and are likely to result in dependency.  
  • It is safe and users are unlikely to overdose on CBD.  

The Cons of Using CBD Oil for PMS  

  • The research available on the effectiveness of CBD in managing premenstrual syndrome is insufficient. More research is needed.  
  • The use of CBD in the United States is highly controlled. The Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve its use in treating PMS.  

How Should You Use and Dose the CBD Oil for PMS or Menstrual Cramps? 

The most ideal way to use CBD is to adhere to the manufacturers’ dosage guidelines. Take your time to go through the product’s label. Note that effects will also depend on the potency as well as other factors such as underlying conditions if you are using any other medicine, weight, and type of CBD product. If you are unsure, ask your doctor for guidance.

 Other Potential Benefits of Using CBD Oil You Should Know 

There are many other potential benefits of using CBD ideal for any user. Generally, it is recommended for the overall wellbeing of the body. Some other uses include:

Side Effects of CBD Oil: Are There Any? 

There are a few reported side effects of CBD that users have reported. The following are the most common ones: 

  • Full spectrum CBD can cause one to be high when consumed in large doses.  
  • Concerns have been raised regarding weight loss.  
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Dry mouth. 
  • Nausea and dizziness. 
  • Possible diarrhea.  

The side effects mentioned above may vary from one user to another. However, most users have reported only mild cases.  

Where Can You Order Your CBD Products? 

You can order CBD for various uses, including PMS treatment, from most of the manufacturer’s websites. Please check the above top five brands for the best products for different applications. Buying directly from the manufacturers allows you to get the best price in the market. There is also the convenience of refunds, which do not apply if you purchase from third-party sellers 

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing the best CBD oil for PMS can be the ultimate solution to your monthly menstrual woes. They have proven to be effective, granting millions of women the ultimate and much-needed relief. You must, however, identify the very best brand and type of product that can meet your unique needs for the best relief from PMS.


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