Cannabidiol which is also CBD is a common term that you would come across while communicating with friends. The reason for its popularity is its disruption in the healthcare world. It comes in varying forms, such as oils, lotions, supplements, creams, and even chocolates, but we would talk about CBD oils in this review. Talking about its origin; CBD is among the numerous cannabinoids found out there and are gotten naturally from cannabis plant. CBD products have been effective in relieving chronic pains, and they would definitely improve your overall wellbeing. Thus, we would be examining the best CBD oil brands for pain management.

Doctors are now recommending CBD for patients because it is a natural and harmless alternative that provides numerous benefits for users. Some of the benefits include curing multiple disorders, anxiety, insomnia, pains, inflammation, and arthritis. So, if you are here because you want a natural and lasting solution to the daily aches and pain you experience; then, you have come to the right place. With these products, you would bid farewell to the over-the-counter and prescription painkillers, and sore or tired joints and muscles.

However, finding the best CBD oil for pain could seem like a herculean task, and it could be a continuous cycle of trial and error. In addition, you could also be disconcerted knowing that CBD is gotten from cannabis plant. However, in this review, we are bent on bringing you accurate information, so you will be confident about your choice of CBD out of the several options. 

Top 5 CBD Oil Brands for Pain

#1. FAB CBD – Best Overall

#2. Medterra CBD – Best Value

#3. cbdMD – Best Variety

#4. NuLeaf Naturals – Most Potent

#5. PlusCBD – Best Brand for Beginners

How We Identified the Best Brands of CBD Oil for Pain Management

There are dozens of CBD oils for pain management in the market today, but you do not need to worry about being overwhelmed with the number. Before we even started writing this review, we wrote out a long list of CBD oils and had to juxtapose each brand against all cogent factors aside from CBD quality.

Then, we started re-ordering the products until we arrived at the 5 best CBD oil brands for pain management. Below are the factors we considered.

In the process of selection, we took a careful look into the brands and their products. We could not afford to leave this end loose by not stating the essence of the brand, its intentions and cross-examining the authenticity of their claims.

Hemp Source

Hemp would grow in almost all climates, and different companies or brands can choose to source hemp from anywhere around the globe. However, to get a high-quality CBD oil, the hemp must be grown in the E.U or U.S. One of the reasons for this selection is the advanced technology employed in quality control. Some other reasons are that they are grown without GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides.

CBD type

There are three distinct CBD types for these oil-based products. The first CBD type is the CBD isolate, and its constituent is pure CBD. This product is processed in a way that eliminates anything not related to CBD, and its result indicates about 99%+ pure CBD. CBD isolate is your go-to when you need a THC-free product.

The next is the broad spectrum CBD, and it contains other compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, terpenes, and other plant-based materials. However, this type of CBD does not also contain THC. The broad-spectrum is a perfect choice if you want the entourage effect while avoiding THC.

The third CBD type is the full spectrum CBD, and it contains a trace amount of THC. Legally, CBD oil products can contain less than 0.3% THC by weight, and it does not make its user overly euphoric. All this CBD type does is enhance the entourage effect, and its compounds boost the effects of CBD on your body.

Lab results

Different brands can paint their products and could choose to market them in anyways that suits their company. However, trustworthy brands would show the authenticity of their products by sending their products off to a third-party lab. There is a need for this testing as it confirms the constituents of the CBD oil.

Some of the tests that would be carried out by this third-party lab include safety, potency, content, and quality tests of the brands among many others. When consumers, particularly first-time users know the content of the product, they build confidence and trust for the brand.


The strength of CBD dosage could be tricky; hence, you do not want to have a look at the bottle to measure its strength. There is usually no standard measure for the strength of CBD oil in the industry, and it is an important factor to consider.

The strength indicates the quantity of CBD present in a bottle and the amount in each milliliter of oil. Hence, when you need to make your choice of brand, select one that has various levels of CBD concentration. By making this choice, you would be able to make the most efficient choice both within budget and effectiveness.


The overall effects of flavors when taking CBD oils are important. Most assuredly, the more you enjoy the taste and flavor of a product, the more likely you would want the same experience consistently. Hence, there is the necessity to check the flavor of the products to meet the user’s needs.

Additional ingredients

This factor should be considered also. In the listed products, hemp, hemp extract or hemp oil are the main ingredients because they are the ingredients that contain CBD.

However, some other ingredients could be added for different reasons such as taste, and other health advantages that they proffer. For example, you might need a brand with extra health benefits then you look for a brand that contains vitamins.

Brand Rep

Another consideration for the selection of CBD oils is the brand’s reputation. Here are some components you ought to consider:

You should consider the public feedback; Take a sneak peek into the users’ reviews, and ensure they are legitimate reviews. In addition, discussion boards, online groups, and forums are reliable sources of information to make more enlightened decisions.

Next is to consider transparency; Any reputable brand would have no issues disclosing its hemp source, harvesting, and processing procedures. You should also glance through the brand’s third-party lab results. The result would indicate the amount of CBD in a bottle, the heavy metals, and residual solvents in each bottle.

After Sale Services

These services are the pillars for any successful and trustworthy company. You do not want to be stuck while using a product and have no customer service experts to reach for assistance. This after-sales service was one criterion we considered because any excellent brand should be available to answer your questions and proffer needed solutions.

5 Best & Most Effective CBD Oil Brands for Pain Relief in 2021

There are many CBD oils in the market, but not all of them have equal benefits, and some products may not be as reliable as the others.

Take note that everyone responds to CBD in different ways, and we have listed these products as the most preferred out of the hundreds of CBD oil brands and products that are available.

#1 FAB CBD – Best Overall

The FAB CBD team set out in 2017 in Colorado to build sterling CBD products and make them readily available for everyone. The workers in FAB are health and wellness experts and are working to produce the highest standards around anything related to CBD products. Hence, with this crop of staff, hands are on deck to ensure you just get the right products.

In addition, the oil produced by FAB contains no GMO and is completely vegan. This plant for this product contains no harmful chemicals nor additives that could harm users’ health. FAB CBD makes several products available ranging from full-spectrum CBD oils, CBD gummies, topical CBD cream, and CBD dog treat for your furry friend.

Hemp Source

This brand’s products contain organic hemp, which is grown organically in Colorado without chemicals and pesticides. The process of harvest is by using high-tech cloning and extraction procedure and devices. By this procedure, each consumer of FAB would get the highest product quality which is formulated directly from organic raw materials.

Lab Results

FAB is a reliable brand that work with ProVerde laboratories for the testing of their products. This laboratory tests FAB products to ensure they contain the needed ingredients.

The third-party lab results show that FAB CBD is completely transparent about their products, and they go a further step to make the results available online for their prospective users to read.


FAB brand provides high-quality products available in strengths of:

  • 300mg
  • 600mg
  • 1200mg
  • 2400mg

CBD Type

FAB offers full-spectrum CBD.


FAB CBD exists in different delicious flavors such as vanilla, berry, mint, citrus, and natural. Users would have to make a choice based on their preferences.

Other Ingredients

  • Organically grown hemp extract
  • Natural flavorings
  • Terpenes
  • MCT oil (the carrier oil)
  • Traces of THC (<0.3%).


The effects of CBD in FAB is to reduce pain, stress, increase calm and focus.  


  • Third-party results are available online for users to read
  • Fast shipping
  • Non-GMO products
  • There is a reward program for customers


  • Only ships to the United States
  • Auto-ship nor subscription memberships options are not available


On a general note, FAB CBD is fairly transparent about its products, and certificates of analysis are posted online for users. This company sells full-spectrum products.

Also, customers can know the constituent of each product on their websites, the guidelines, and dosage on how to use the products. However, you should talk to your doctor before using the product.

#2 Medterra CBD – Best Value

One leading CBD brand in California, USA is Medterra CBD oil, and they are one brand that produces one of the purest forms of CBD globally. This brand is also leading in the world of sports and fitness as it helps the consumers to stay active.

Hemp Source

Medterra company grows it hemp in Kentucky, with firm adherence to the 2014 Farm Bill, Section 7606. Hence, the CBD products of this brand are legal at the federal level.

Lab Results

Lab tests are crucial to verify the trustworthiness of a brand, and Green Scientific Labs gets the testing job done for Medterra CBD. This is a third-party laboratory, and they test on the products to ensure the absence of pesticides, bacteria, or heavy metals.

To prove the veracity of the company, they also make the lab testing results available to the users online so they can make more informed decisions.


  • 500mg = 16mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
  • 1000mg = 33mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
  • 3000mg = 100mg of CBD per 1ml dropper

CBD Type

Medterra is the first brand to offer isolate, broad, and full spectrum CBD oil.


This product is flavorless.

Other Ingredients

  • MCT oil
  • Natural terpenes


The inherent benefits of MedTerra CBD oil for various health conditions such as anxiety, depression, joint and skin issues, alcoholism and sleep disorders are profound.  


  • Third party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • It can be shipped to all states and internationally


  • All the products are not full spectrum
  • Absence of flavonoids from the hemp plant


One of the well-known CBD oil is MedTerra. The constituent of this product is grown in the USA, organic, non-GMO, and tested by a third-party laboratory. This product is a go-to option for sufferers of certain health conditions.

#3 cbdMD – Best Variety 

cbdMD is a company based in the USA and privately owned, that offers several sterling CBD products. The company manufactures all its products in the USA, and they are tested by a third-party lab to prove their trustworthiness. Athletes have found profound relief using their products to ease inflammation and pain caused by workouts and sports.

There is a wide array of cbdMD products in the market, ranging from balms, sprays, and gummies. But aside from all these products, they also produce oils. 

Hemp Source

The source of hemp for this product is in Kentucky, US.

Lab Results

All the products by this manufacturer are placed on trial and verified by a third-party laboratory. The lab is ISO certified, and GMP tested. They make their analysis certificates available online, but you would need to input the exact batch number of the product you want to check to view the certificate.


  • 300mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500mg (30ml and 60ml)
  • 1000mg (60ml)
  • 3000mg
  • 5000mg
  • 7500mg

CBD Type

Broad-spectrum hemp extract.


cbdMD exists in different flavors such as berry, mint, citrus, and natural. Users would have to make a choice based on their preferences.

Other Ingredients

  • Hemp extract (Cannabigerol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabinol)
  • Natural flavors
  • MCT oil


cbdMD has gained popularity and has quality reviews by users of the product of all ages and winning the trust of the users.


  • Made in the United States of America
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • All orders above $79.95 enjoy 2-3 days free shipping


  • Added sugar
  • Not shipped internationally
  • Broad spectrum


This company was founded in 2015, and its popularity has grown over the years. The process created by the company ensures consumers get the highest product quality and service. Its Superb Broad-Spectrum CBD oil ensures safety and efficacy.

#4 NuLeaf Naturals – Most Potent

This is one of the most popular CBD oil manufacturing companies in the United States because the company is one of the pioneering companies to enter the CBD world. Although there are few different options for this product on their website, they still maintain the same full-spectrum extract but in various bottle sizes.

NuLeaf is a natural, completely organic, and non-GMO CBD oil product. This product does not contain preservatives, additives, and filters usually contained in lower-grade CBD oils. These products are full-spectrum, which implies they contain all the needed cannabinoids and compounds present in the natural hemp plant. In addition, it is effective in relieving osteoarthritis and post-exercise pains.

Hemp Source

The sourced hemps are organically grown and derived from special bred therapeutic hemp (Cannabis Sativa), which are grown in Colorado, USA. The hemp is not only grown in Colorado, but the company oversees production process and quality control.

Lab Results

NuLeaf Natural is a reliable brand that works with ProVerde laboratories for the testing of this CBD oil. The laboratory tests CBD products to ensure they contain the needed ingredients, which are indicated on their website and the exact strength that is promised.

The third-party lab results show that NuLeaf CBD Oil is transparent about their products, and they go a further step to make the results available online for their prospective users to read.


NuLeaf CBD oil’s strength is about 60 mg/mL, and present in almost all bottle sizes, and doesn’t change with bottle size. Hence, users within budget can find the product that works for them for even several months.

  • 300 mg; 5ml
  • 900 mg; 15ml
  • 1800 mg; 30ml
  • 3000 mg; 50ml
  • 6000 mg; 100m

CBD Type

In NuLeaf CBD oil, the type of CBD that is present is the full-spectrum. Hence, it contains all natural occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plant, THC inclusive.


The flavors of NuLeaf Natural CBD oils are natural flavors. Then, a few fun flavors for kids and other flavors for all. However, all the flavors added are natural such as gingerbread and vanilla.

Other Ingredients

  • MCT
  • Full-spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil


There is a list of benefits of using CBD products such as NuLeaf, and they are usually medicinal. The central benefit of this product is its anti-stress property, which is achieved by stopping stress molecules from impacting the body. In addition, this product’s anti-acne and anti-ADHD properties are exceptional properties of CBD.


  • Derived from hemp grown in Colorado
  • Extraction process is with supercritical CO2
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract


  • Costlier than other brands within equal range
  • Not THC-free


Without doubts, NuLeaf is the oldest CBD company in U.S. They have astounding grasp about the formula, and their products are notable for outstanding results. However, the prices of the products are on the high side.

#5 PlusCBD – Best Brand for Beginners

CV Sciences created this brand in 2014, making it one of the foremost hemp CBD oil brands that worked in the US. The production process followed by Plus CBD oil is a strict CO2 extraction method for obtaining CBD oil. The extraction procedure is void of harsh chemicals, cold-based (for preserving terpenes and cannabinoids), and conducted in a facility that is certified by European ISO.

In addition, the procedure for this product manufacture adheres strictly to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. Then, the wide variety of formulations offered by Plus CBD Oil would allow you to find the right dosage, and in turn, a great CBD experience.

Hemp Source

The hemp for this product is true agricultural hemp because it is grown in only water, sunlight, and soil environment in Europe. The hemp for this product does not contain minor cannabinoids, CBD, and terpenes alone.  But it contains fatty acids, which are essential for our brains and bodies for endocannabinoid production.

Lab Results

Independent third-party lab results prove the product’s credibility, and the lab testing for Plus CBD is conducted in San Diego, California. This procedure ensures unbiased analysis and offers good insight into high quality and potency.


The product itself lacks in potency variations.

CBD Type

Pluscbdoil is the full-spectrum CBD type and it contains abundant vitamin E.


  • Peppermint
  • Natural occurring flavonoids

Other Ingredients

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Fatty acids


The benefits of this product include the elevation of homeostasis and total health throughout the body. Furthermore, it restores balance and aids communication with the endocannabinoid system. Then, it enhances calmness, stress management, and recovery from exercise inflammation.


  • PlusCBD products are gluten- and GMO-free
  • Monitored procedure allows for quality assurance
  • Third party lab results for credibility
  • Offers international shipping


  • CBD oil products are made in Europe
  • COA is difficult to find on their website


One of the factors which make this product one that we selected is the ingredients used. Also, the full spectrum extract derived from the real agricultural hemp, its superior quality, and is a third-party tested product.

How Do We Even Buy These Oils?

In the wellness world, CBD-based products are exploding without a doubt. However, the many brands available make it imperative to make a choice of informed and confident brands for purchase. The need to know the major ingredients in a product is the central purchasing concern of consumers.

So, buying the right oils is one major concern for all buyers. Here are some handy points:

Buy from Trustworthy Brands: Many brands are doing well to make customers know about their products. The first thing to do is to look into how much the company knows, the chunks of information they are pushing out, and the ingredients used.

Obtain the Certificate of Analysis (COA): What you should consider is the company putting out a little PDF called the certificate of trust. This document contains the details of third-party independent lab results.

Purchase Domestically Sourced Hemp: When hemp is planted into the soil, it can absorb things in the soil, which could be toxic. You should consider buying a product whose growth condition is with responsible farming practices and adequately tested.

Choose Full- or Broad-Spectrum Over Isolate Hemp: Isolate is cheap, but it is not as effective as full- or broad-spectrum hemp. You need a product that delivers a fuller plant extract. 

Legal Factors You Should Consider

The thought would come to your mind about the legal status of CBD, particularly since it comes from hemp, and from the cannabis Sativa family. Luckily, this compound is completely legal but under certain conditions. Hemp-derived CBD should not contain more than 0.3% THC.

One question would come up in your mind: how do I know the CBD products that contain below 0.3% THC? Worry less if you are in this shoe. We have made adequate research to ensure each selected product does not contain more than 0.3% THC. Hence, all the brands that were selected are completely safe, and you could purchase them.

Generally, CBD oils are completely safe for adults, but pregnant or nursing mothers should do away with it. In addition, children should avoid products that contain CBD until they are 18 years old, as no proof of its effect on children. Taking other medications alongside might also prove costly, therefore, consult your doctor to forestall any side effects. 

On the other hand, if you need to purchase other CBD products that are not mentioned on the list; then, you should check on the company’s guide or website and check the lab results; so you purchase from a legal source.

What Are CBD Oils Anyway?

So, here we are. CBD oils are natural substitutes for over-the-counter supplements and a modern panacea for a vast range of health problems. CBD oils can be used for easing the mind after a tense day, and on the other hand, they can be used for chronic conditions such as inflammation, pain, and poor mood.

CBD is an extract of mature cannabis flowers, which is processed into an oily extract. However, the process of extraction can impact the end product and its quality immensely. The process by which CBD produces its impact remains unclear to a scientist, but some experts have concluded that CBD modulates the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is similar to THC’s effect.

The THC works by binding to cannabinoid receptors present in the brain, and this produces psychoactive effects. However, CBD works in a way the affects several pathways throughout the human body. This oil would alter the way we experience anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Does CBD Oil Actually Works for Pain Relief?

Reports from National Centers for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) indicate a significant pain relief experienced by CBD users. However, further studies about CBD oil is necessary, despite having a lot of potentials.

According to reports, here are some benefits of CBD oil for relief:

Neuropathic Pain: This type of pain results from damages in the nerves. Some common diseases associated with this pain are multiple sclerosis (MS), herniated discs, and other infections like shingles. According to a report in 2017, CBD has helped relieve chronic neuropathy pain in users. But on the other hand, a report from the 2018 Cochrane review showed that the potential harms of CBD could supercede the gains.

Arthritis Pain: In 2016, the European Journal of Pain contained results of CBD used on animal models to see if it could help manage arthritis pain. The scientist applied a topical gel that contained CBD to the rats for 4 days, and there was a vivid drop in inflammation and signs of pains, and there was no additional effect. However, humans use CBD for pain relief, but there is a neccessity for further human studies.

Multiple Sclerosis: This is an autoimmune issue that impacts the entire human body through the brain and nerves. Multiple spasms, which are common symptoms of MS could result into severe pain for some people. Results showed that short-term use of this oil reduced the degree of muscle spasms of the sufferer. However, more studies on humans should be conducted.

Here’s What Science Have to Say

The recent awareness and use of CBD for medical treatment have caused many scientists particularly biologists at Harvard to make a careful study on CBD, its properties, and its effect on humans. CBD is among the most beneficial cannabinoids gotten from the cannabis plant.

Without doubts, CBD oil has several health benefits, and anyone that uses it would definitely name some of the benefits. CBD is a compound that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endo-cannabinoid system. It works by regulating memory, cell growth and communication, immune response, and metabolism.

A report from 2008 showed that CBD was effective in relieving chronic pain, and it did not impact any adverse effect. Again, there was a double-blind control study in 2007, and it showed that CBD helped patients experiencing neuropathic pain.

Then another research conducted in 2016, indicated a vivid result on arthritis patients in reducing inflammation after the use of CBD. For this study, the scientist applied CBD topical for four consecutive days on rats.

After this study, the rats that were administered CBD experienced lower levels of pain and inflammation in the affected regions.

Other Major Benefits of Using CBD Oil

In health parlance, cannabidiol is gaining much relevance as a natural remedy for several common ailments. CBD is an appropriate relief choice for pain sufferers and others without any mind-altering effects caused by marijuana and other drugs. Here are other benefits of CBD oil, which are scientifically proven.

It helps in the reduction of anxiety and depression, which are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs but not without their side effects. This oil is used to effectively treat anxiety and insomnia in kids battling with post-traumatic stress disorders. All these are linked to its effect on the serotonin receptors for the human brain.

Another major benefit of CBD oil is the potency to reduce acne (a common skin condition caused by factors such as genetics, bacteria, etc.,). Recent researches indicate that CBD oil may be utilized in treating acne due to the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses.

In addition, CBD is linked to numerous health benefits for the heart’s circulatory system, and it also lowers high blood pressure. CBD’s stress- and anxiety-reducing properties are the major reason for its capability to lessen blood pressure.

Other promising uses of CBD include:

  • Assisting smoke addict quit smoking
  • Managing drug withdrawals
  • Treating seizures
  • Relief to antipsychotic effects for schizophrenia sufferers
  • Possibility of combating type 1 diabetes and cancer subsequently

Will The Oil Make You Feel High?

CBD is extracted from a cannabis plant, but it cannot make the user feel high like marijuana or THC. You would feel relaxed, and it reduces anxiety, but you would not get high using CBD oil.

Generally, the oil is considered safe and healthy, but every user would have slightly differing reactions, and someone’s feeling may not be consistent with yours.

Can You Fail Drug test by Consuming the Oil?

According to Medical News Today, drug tests are not to screen for CBD, as it has no adverse intoxicating effects, and it is not illegal. But people that take CBD tests may still fail drug tests because CBD could still contain identify tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Hence, when there is the need to take CBD oil before a urine drug test, the consumers should purchase the products from trustworthy sources that confirm the absence of any THC trace.

Other Oil Based CBD Products You Should Try

While we have made our studies on the products listed in this studies; without doubt, there are other oil based CBD products that are U.S grown hemp, and third-party tested. Here are some of the other oil based CBD products you should try:

CBD Gummies: This is another fun and convenient way of taking CBD (Cannabidiol). First-time users of CBD would find gummies discreet, tasty, and easy to dose. Some of the benefits of CBD include quelling anxiety, multiple sclerosis, depression, and insomnia. These gummies are infused with CBD oil, and they have varying quantities of CBD, but the standard dose is 5mg.  

CBD Capsules: This is another form in which you could take CBD. CBD capsules are also referred to as pills, they are easy to use, and the dosing is more consistent because they are premeasured. The capsules in themselves are similar to the oil as they contain minute or no THC. In addition, the use of CBD capsules is the same with all products that have CBD as a constituent; they relieve anxiety, depression, and pains, generally.

CBD Topical: This form is CBD product is designed to be applied to the skin directly. Topical includes salves, balms, lotions, and creams, which are needed to cure specific skin conditions or pains.

Final Thoughts

The health benefits of CBD oils are vast, without doubt, and one of the benefits is to relieve different types of pain. This relief is born from the interaction of CBD with the user’s endocannabinoid system. It works by altering pain transmission from nerves to the brain; hence, the users can manage the pain naturally and improve their life’s quality safely.

On the other hand, the choice of CBD brand should be from a trusted manufacturer with proven records of high-quality products. Only with the right and high-quality product would you be safe and get the most out of CBD’s analgesic characteristics.

With this review, we are sure you would make the best decisions on the CBD products to use. You can reach out to us freely, so we know how the product has helped you.



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