Today, more and more people experience some form of back pain. That pain can be caused by many factors, such as genetics, an injury or in most cases, improper posture which is the result of our way of life. Most of us have jobs that require hours of sitting in an office or at home, or standing on our feet the entire day. And on top of that, we don’t do enough or any physical activities. All that presents a burden for our back and at some point, the burden becomes too heavy and back pain occurs. Luckily, the progression of modern medicine led to having multiple choices to get rid of the pain, or at least to relieve it. But which solution to choose? If you’re looking for a natural and accessible way of treating back pain, CBD creams could be a way to go. After careful consideration, we found some of the best CBD creams on the market.

According to American Chiropractic Association one half of all working Americans experience back pain every year, and it affects people of all ages, young and elderly. Moreover, back pain is the third most common reason why people go to see a doctor. In fact, low-back pain costs Americans more than $100 billion each year in health care costs. It is also known that people who experience back pain cannot engage in work or their usual everyday activities.

Even though there isn’t enough evidence that confirms that CBD can fully relieve pain, many people who tried CBD creams claim that they were helpful in treating their problems. There are numerous positive reviews from customers that use the creams on a daily basis and it is safe to say that CBD products indeed help for many health issues.

CBD (cannabinoid) from the cream absorbs into your skin and releases natural pain-killer and acts anti-inflammatory. It’s simple to use and if you have health issues, including back pain you should definitely try the creams. But, since CBD products are becoming more and more popular there are so many different brands that it would take you a while before finding the perfect one for you. And now, the good news – we already did the research on CBD products and we found the 5 best brands regarding CBD creams. Believe us when we say, we saved you a lot of time and trouble. 

Top 5 CBD Cream Brands for Back Pain

What We Considered When Choosing Brands of CBD Creams

It was necessary to conduct a detailed research on CBD in general and on all the products that can be found on the market. After learning all the information we could get on to examining different brands of CBD creams before finding the best ones.

However, our job wasn’t done just yet. After singling out good-quality brands of CBD creams we still had too many options. And if we did an article on all of them it would be more of a novel than an article. So, we had to dig just a little bit more (actually quite a bit more) to give you the top 5 best brands that satisfy our strict criteria. Finally, we did it – our top finalists, the best of the best!

While searching the best CBD cream brands we focused on:

  • Hemp cultivation – all about cultivating, processing and manufacturing the hemp
  • Level of THC – how much THC is left in the final product that goes on market
  • The brand’s reputation – what customers had to say about certain brands and their products
  • What kind of products each brand offers – creams and topicals
  • Aroma
  • Additional ingredients – what else can be found in the products
  • Price to performance – the best effect for the best price
  • Lab results of product testing – were the products tested and are the results available to the customers
  • Hemp extracts – are the products full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolates
  • Usage and dosage instructions – how each company gives information to their customers

After taking all this into consideration we present to you the top 5 best CBD cream brands for back pain and everything you want to know about them.

5 Best CBD Creams for Back Pain


#1 Fab CBD Topicals – Best Overall

This company is one of the best companies for selling CBD products and they offer only the best for their customers.

Their employees work in health and nutrition departments and have a lot of knowledge and experience. Their main goal is one – achieve perfection.

Then they transform it into premium-class extract and use CO2 extraction processes.

After organic cultivation and processing, the final result is a clean extract with good substances that contribute to making the product useful for improving your health.

We want to put emphasis on 2 CBD Topical creams by FAB:

Topical CBD Cream – this cream has highly effective properties for treating back pain. Customers adore this cream and praise it for its effectiveness.


  • 600 mg of CBD in 2 oz. tube
  • Cocoa butter and vitamin E oil make this cream smell divine and very smooth so you can easily rub it into the skin
  • The company extracts full spectrum CBD during the manufacture, which implies that the products contain other beneficial extracts (not just CBD)
  • THC is present, but in a very small dose – 0.3% or less (the amount which is legal)
  • The fact that the company uses all-natural hemp is not something you should overlook – that indicates that the products are natural (no artificial flavours or additives), so you are sure that you’re using a product that is healthy and safe.

FAB CBD Body Salve – newest member of FAB CBD creams family.


  • 1000 mg and 3000 mg CBD potencies
  • Made from organic and natural hemp plant
  • Full spectrum product with essential oils (jojoba, rosemary and eucalyptus) – the smell is amazing and the cream is rich and easily applied on the skin
  • No pesticides, or any other artificial chemicals

Lab Test Results

FAB company tests every single product by doing third-party lab tests and those tests are passed successfully. You can easily see the test results – just visit their website and everything is there, very transparent and explained in detail. Another important factor when choosing the best brand of creams.


Even though the prices are very reasonable and the products are great, there still might be someone who is not 100% satisfied and they would want to return whatever they purchased. In such situations, the company guarantees to give you back your money within 30 days.

Dosage and Usage

Anything regarding the dosage and usage of the cream is also available on their website. But really, it’s nothing complicated or unusual – apply a small amount of cream on the affected area and gently massage it into the skin. You can add more product if the pain is increasing.

Flaws of FAB

There are only 2 flaws that we were able to find about this brand (not too bad) – the company doesn’t send their products to Canada and UK, and you can’t subscribe to their website. So, nothing really alarming.


#2 Medterra CBD Pain Cream – Wide Variety

Employees that work at Medterra Company put all their efforts into making and selling premium-quality and luxurious products that are affordable to anyone. It is their imperative to help everyone who needs help in the form of their products and that help shouldn’t be over-priced and unreachable.


  • 500 mg and 1000 mg of potency in 1.7 oz. with 50 mL of pain cream
  • Industrial hemp which is cultivated and extracted under strict laws of Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • Menthol as the main active ingredient
  • Cooling sensation and deep penetration into skin for best results in pain relief
  • Aloe vera and jojoba oil make this cream rich and smooth, and it easily blends into your skin
  • By using a Co2 extraction process they get the product that is the best quality and meets strict criteria, the result is pure CBD that enriches the very product
  • Besides the Pain Relief Cream, they have other varieties, such as Relief and Recovery Rapid Cooling Cream and Manuka Honey Healing Cream

Lab Test Results

This important factor is present at this company and its products which are tested carefully by third parties and the results are published on company’s site.


You have a chance of winning some discounts because at Medterra you get a point for each dollar you spend on their products. You can exchange those points for discount codes. How cool is that!

Dosage and Usage

It’s very simple as any other cream – apply cream to affected areas and rub it in gently and use when you need it. Make sure to wash your hands afterward.

Flaws of Medterra

They don’t offer a money refund in case you are not happy with their products. Also, a mixture of some ingredients may not work the same for everyone.


#3 cbdMD Inflammation Formula – Best Value

The cbdMD company originates from Charlotte, North Carolina and it dates back to 2015. The fact that they don’t have any FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warning letters, means that they’re doing their business the right way and the customers know that they are buying a safe and good-quality product.


  • 750 mg of CBD in 4 oz. of this relieving formula
  • The hemp they use is cultivated and grown in the U.S, so you’ll be buying domestic products
  • The fact that they make everything in small batches means that they pay attention to every little detail, thus assuring you that the products are of premium quality
  • Since they use broad spectrum CBD extract during the production there is no fear of any amount of THC in the product
  • Rich oils from various plants, such as avocado, argan, aloe vera and so on, are infused in the creams making this product ideal for your skin
  • The products don’t contain gluten and weren’t tested on animals

Lab Test Results

Every product they make is sent to the labs where it’s tested and they make sure that there are no harmful substances. You can find anything you wish to know on their official webpage.


The cbdMD company offers great discounts – there’s the veteran’s program where you can get a 30% discount on all of the products if you have proof that you are in the U.S. army or that you’re now retired, and the other type of discount, a disability program where you can get a 40% discount on every order if you are legally a disabled person.

Dosage and Usage

They advise users to apply a thin layer to the affected area, no more than 4 times a day. Also, you should wash your hands with cold water after use.

cbdMD Flaws

There are some flaws about this brand. One of them is that there is no information about where their hemp is cultivated and in what way and also, customers reported about having a bad experience with shipping and the company’s customer service.


#4 CBDistillery CBD Cooling Cream – Best Broad Spectrum

This CBD cream is specially designed to help you relieve the pain and relax and recover your whole body. All CBDistillery products are certified by U.S. Hemp Authority and they use non-GMO industrial hemp that grows in the USA with natural farming processes.


  • 300 mg of CBD per 1.7 oz. bottle
  • It contains menthol which gives a cooling sensation
  • Doesn’t have a smell
  • Gluten-free, fragrance-free, sulphate-free and paraben-free
  • Aloe vera and avocado oil
  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • Reduces inflammation and offers joint support

Lab Test Results

All products are sent to third-party laboratories to make sure that they are of the highest quality.


They offer great products for a reasonable price. You can find different coupons on their website or go and visit to find the lowest prices and best deals on their products.

Dosage and Usage

They advise to apply the cream topically to affected areas whenever you feel pain throughout the day.

Flaws of CBDistillery

Contact information on their website isn’t clearly visible and there have been some questions that customers raised about the cream’s potency.


#5 Joy Organics CBD Cream – Highest Consumer Rate

Besides the creams for back pain this company also makes other useful products like oils and gels, then there are some edible things like gummies and energy drinks that contain hemp. You can also find something for your pets.


  • 250 mg of CBD in 1 oz. container
  • Pump bottle with a snap-on lid
  • Broad spectrum hemp oil
  • Organic and non-GMO product
  • 100 % vegan and it isn’t tested on animals

Lab Test Results

The same as with other companies, all the information about testing of the products and the final results can be found on the company’s site. But, you can rest assure that their products are indeed tested in different labs.


Prices are very reasonable and they offer various kinds of discounts and coupons. The shipping of their products is free and you will get your money back within 30 days in case you’re not satisfied with the purchase.

Dosage and Usage

Apply the cream on the skin when you need it. Gently rub it in with circular motions to give you additional joint support and help to ensure cellular growth.

Joy Organic Flaws

Their products are being made in another company and Joy Organic doesn’t send their products to UK.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Cream

  • You should first pay a visit to your doctor who will examine you and discover which problems with health you might have. That way, you will know whether you actually need a CBD cream, is it safe to use on your skin and body and of course, which type of CBD is the most benefitial for you and how should you use it.
  • The second most important factor you should consider before making a purchase of any CBD product, is in what way was the hemp cultivated and what were the conditiones, because if the plant was growing in bad conditiones it could have absorbed some bad things from the soil or air.
  • Be careful to check the THC content of every product because the legal amount of THC in any product on the market is 0.3% max.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients – this is also a very important step when buying a CBD product. For example, MCT oils and melatonin are good for many health issues. Whereas, some substances like vegetable glycerin and propylene are bad – so avoid the products that have them. Furthermore, some kinds of CBD products contain artificial flavours and colors and there is nothing healthy nor organic about it.
  • Learn the difference between broad spectrum, full spectrum and CBD isolate – you shouldn’t have any problems with this if you have read this article.
  • Lab testing and final results – yet another important factor which will show you everything there is to know about the quality of the product. Every customer has the right to ask the company for the lab test results.
  • Always do a little research on the price – when you find a product you want to buy, make sure to compare the price of that product with other products of that range. Sometimes the prices can vary between products, but that usually means the charge of shipping is different or that someone offers a discount at that moment while others are not.The important thing is that you aren’t paying just for some fancy packaging.
  • Buy American – any CBD product that is produced domestically may be safer

Do CBD Creams Actually Work Against Back Pain

It does. However, CBD products still need to give firm and concrete evidence that they work therapeutically. You might be wondering why is that so. Well, the FDA didn’t officially approve CBD as a substance which helps in treating pain, but we’re sure they will do that soon. But, CBD creams were very effective in helping people with sleep problems, and people who are experiencing some sort of pain and inflammation. According to Spine Health CBD creams treat back pain in 3 ways:

  • They reduce inflammation
  • Act against anxiety which is often associated with back pain
  • Help you sleep better and relax your entire body

Furthermore, some studies say that CBD can also influence on how someone preceives pain, but there aren’t any concrete evidence at this point. Also, CBD isn’t limited to targeting only one specific area of pain, like back pain (with the exepction of topical products). It gives you the feeling of general relaxation and pain relief.

How to Use CBD Cream for Pain

You should use CBD cream by simply applying it topically and gently massaging it into the skin any time you feel pain. If you have any muscle or joints pain, just take the cream and apply it right onto the affected areas.

If you’re using creams that contain menthol you will feel cooling or a burning sensation – don’t worry, it’s supposed to work like that. Just make sure to wash your hands with cold water right after using the cream.

And be careful with the amount of product you’re using. Start with a smaller dose if you’re uncomfortable with the above-mentioned sensations. If there’s an irritation stop using it and consult with your doctor. Because even though these products are natural people with sensitive skin might not react well to them.

Can I Use CBD Products for Neck Pain?

Here is the answer – YES!

CBD products help to relieve the pain from your neck as well. You can use several products:

  • CBD oils, capsules or edibles – you take these orally (through your mouth). Since there is no strong evidence of which CBD product is best for pain relief you will have to try a couple of them to see which one works the best. Also, if you want to speed up the process of effect on the pain, you can put the product under your tongue and wait 2 minutes so it will absorb faster in your bloodstream. There’s only one possible downside – you might not like the taste.
  • CBD topicals (creams, salves or balms) – apply the product on your neck and rub it in. Start with a small amount and if necessary put some more until you get rid of the pain.

Other Key Benefits of Using CBD Cream

Many studies showed that CBD cream is beneficial for treating a lot of health-related issues and conditions.

According to AAD – American Academy of Dermatology Association CBD creams can be used to treat acne, psoriasis and eczema, due to the anti-inflammatory properties CBD has.

In addition, CBD creams can have positive effects on treating arthritis.

A case study from 2020 established that CBD is beneficial for relieving symptoms of peripheral neuropathy of the lower extremities.

And finally, one study showed that using products that contain CBD can improve the condition of people who suffer from temporomandibular disorder – jaw pain.

How to Decide Which CBD Topical to Choose?

There are many great CBD topicals on the market, including creams, body lotions, balms, salves and sprays. All of them combine natural ingredients which have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects to release us from certain pain and give us that sweet sense of relaxation. These products are the best option for treating particular areas of your body where you feel the pain. One of the main reasons why people decide to treat the pain with CBD topicals is the fact that cannabinoids go through the layers of skin to reach the problem, and not in the bloodstream. But, how to know which topical to buy? We give you a few solutions in order to help you decide:

  • CBD balms – cooling sensation of menthol which is perfect after a workout or calming effect of chamomile and lavender after a bath which will keep your muscles relaxed even longer
  • CBD creams – easy to use, smell nice and make your skin smooth, and of course work wonders for the pain
  • CBD salves – just like the creams they smell amazing and you gently apply it to your skin, and tell someone to massage it in – that way you will get a free massage therapy (you’re welcome)

There are also a few details to pay attention to when choosing which topical to buy:

  • Check the price – if it’s ridiculously low it’s probably best to skip it because it won’t have much effect and you would start taking more and more product thinking It needs to be reapplied, and the result will be tolerance build-up
  • Take a good look at the ingredients – hemp seed oil IS NOT the same as CBD oil, that’s just the company’s way of trying to confuse you. Hemp seed oil is used in beauty products
  • Be careful who you’re buying the products from – anyone who can’t, won’t or doesn’t want to show you lab test results isn’t someone who you should be buying from. Instead, focus on the sellers that provide you with lab test results because those results tell you what exactly is in the product you’re buying, every single thing you need to know. 

Possible Side Effects

Like any other product or medicine, CBD creams and other products can have some negative effects on its users. The most common symptoms some of the users experience are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

People that have problems and issues with their liver should check with their doctor whether it is safe to use CBD products. And even if the doctor says it’s okay, you should still keep track of your body and how it reacts to those products and report back to your doctor in case something more serious starts to happen, like liver inflammation.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding need to avoid any product that contains CBD. There is a serious risk of CBD affecting the development of the baby. Of course, you will check everything with your doctor.

Since it is a well-known fact that some CBD products can contain THC you should be very careful not to do certain things while you’re using those products. For example, don’t operate on heavy machinery or drive motor vehicles because there is a risk you might have an accident.  

We have made a list of few kinds of drugs that could have a negative effect if you use them along with CBD products:

  • Antipsychotic drugs
  • Benzodiazepine sedatives
  • Immune-suppressive drugs
  • Migraine medications
  • Opioid pain killers
  • Rifampin – based drugs for treating tuberculosis
  • Macrolide antibiotics
  • Atypical antidepressants

All of these drug interactions have certain negative effects, but they are mostly mild and not serious, you wouldn’t need any treatment. The remedy for this is usually waiting more hours between each dose.

Be reasonable when taking any medications. Your doctor needs to know and be aware of every pill and medication you’re using, as well as any recreational drug.

Key Takeaway

Even though there aren’t any concrete evidence of CBD being successful in treating many health-related issues and conditions it’s safe to say that CBD products can help you in easing various pains and help treating a lot of hard conditions.

CBD products are beneficial for many other health issues, not just for treating back pain. Their numerous healing properties can act:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-oxidative
  • anti-emetic
  • anti-psychotic
  • neuroprotective

And finally, CBD is used as:

  • part of the remedy to reduce wrinkles and acne
  • nourishing and moisturizing even the most dryest and sensitve skin
  • easing muscle and joint pain
  • help in reducing inflammation caused by exercising


In conclusion, CBD products present themselves as an effective way of treating lots of different health-related problems. Luckily, today many people are starting to see CBD as something positive and beneficial. However, some more research is necessary to give firm proof of CBD’s actual benefits. The good news is that products containing CBD are less likely to cause any side effects than most of the pain killers that are in great use all over the world, so there is a high chance of officially recognizing those products by the FDA some time in the near future.


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