Bluey is the perfect cartoon to keep your kids entertained and educated. However, the magic of Bluey is that it is equally great for kids and grownups. Chances are that if you sit down to watch an episode or two, you will end up tearing up. The storylines have the perfect amount of fun, education and heartfelt moments.

Bluey, Bingo, Mum (Melanie Zanetti), Dad (David McCormack) and their friends are funny, joyful and intriguing characters who make each storyline better. Their lives reflect the different things we go through in our day-to-day lives. For children, it is a good time. For grownups, it’s a reminder of the little things that make life better.

Here are five of the best Bluey episodes to watch if you’re just getting started.

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“Grannies” (Season 1 Episode 28)

Bingo and Bluey dress as grannies in their toy car.

On “Grannies,” Bingo and Bluey play one of their favorite games as pretend grannies. Things get complicated when Bingo insists grannies can do the floss, but they find out their Nana (Chris Brumm) can’t. Bluey helps turn things around to make her sister happy.

The episode is a great example of what relationships with grandmas can be nowadays. Those who need to use FaceTime or other video calls to get in touch with their grandmas. But the best part is having the chance to grow up with your grandma and being able to teach them new things.

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“Baby Race” (Season 2 Episode 50)

Two moms with their pups in diapers.

“Baby Race” shows Mum as she tells Bluey and Bingo about Bluey hitting her milestones as a baby. Even though she learned to roll first, Judo did everything else before Bluey. This made Mum sad for a while until she realized what mattered.

This is the perfect episode for you if you are a first-time parent. It shows it is completely normal to worry about your child hitting milestones, but it is equally important to remind yourself that every baby is different. However, what stands out the most is the support between mom and the importance of having someone who reminds you you’re doing great. 

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“Curry Quest” (Season 3 Episode 9)

Bingo and Dad exchanging curry with Mackenzie's dad outside their home.

Even though Bingo doesn’t want to go at first, she ends up having a great time with Dad on “Curry Quest.” As they courageously face a magpie in the park to make it to Mackenzie’s house, the reward is a lovely day together.

One of the amazing things about Bluey is that most episodes are a great educational opportunity. This time around, the episode does an awesome job of explaining the Hero’s Journey while representing it with Bingo and Dad’s adventure and having Mum’s voice explain what it means.

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“Rain” (Season 3 Episode 18)

Bluey and Mom hugging and looking at a double rainbow in their driveway.

“Rain” is the perfect example of how a show for kids can deliver great episodes without dialogue and only the sound of rain and music. As Bingo and Dad leave, Bluey spends the day in the rain, trying to stop the water from making it down the driveway. Meanwhile, Mum tries to stop her from mudding the house.

The episode is a heartwarming representation of Mum’s love for Bluey. The water animation, the lack of dialogue, the sound of the rain and the music make for a calming and soothing experience with a happy ending.

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“Granny Mobile” (Season 3 Episode 33)

Bluey, Bingo and Muffin friend dressed as grannies next to a granny mobile.

“Granny Mobile” is a funny episode in which Muffin, Bluey and Bingo play grannies at a garage sale. As she plays the grouchy granny, Muffin makes Dad push her around in the granny mobile, and she fights a real grouchy granny for it.

Several things stand out on this episode. First, the way Bluey, Bingo and Muffin see the different types of grannies that exist — all very real. Second, when Muffin gets called one in a million. That is precisely how every kid should feel. Lastly, the episode helps you understand that you should always stand up for your worth and know your value.

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