The significance of the word fandom is a shared passion for a certain interest. It can either be a passion for the creators and characters of books and fictional stories, shows and movies, songs and albums, or anything else that is meant to entertain you. A big example of this could be the Harry Potter fandom; something like drawing pictures of the characters, some people love writing fanfictions about Harry’s life, and others love discussing Harry Potter on social media all day long.

The fandom room decor can also help us add a touch of eccentricity and uniqueness to our overall home decor. It helps personalize our home by allowing us to showcase our passions and interests. It can also invoke whimsical curiosity in guests, who might ponder the reasoning behind the posters and memorabilia. All this ends up being a great conversation starter.

Implementing Fandom Room Decor

As fandom room decor has been a medium of expressing your love and passion for your favorite celebrity, character, athlete, etc., you would have been doing it in a personalized way by adding some personal touch to the one person would be ending up having the same fandom corner. In the further few sections, we will be looking at some ways of implementing the fandom room decor inside your home.

 Choosing An Appropriate Location

Firstly set a spot in your room where you would be placing posters and memorabilia. It can either be a wall, or a shelf, or a combination of both of these. The choice of the room also produces a huge impact on your fandom room decor.

Let’s say, for example, you could fill up a lot of space in your bedroom with memorabilia. But the same is true for your living room as it is a shared space. You would have to keep these factors in mind while creating your fandom corner.

DNA Portrait – The Most Personalized form of Art

DNA portraits are one of the most unique and personalized forms of Art. You will be receiving a collection kit with everything you will need for capturing a sample of your DNA. The process is painful and effortless; nothing more than swapping the inside portion of your cheek.

The top part uses the style, color, size, and frame for an almost infinite range of possibilities. You can take all the time you need, and your personal DNA picture print will be as unique as you are, and no two prints will ever be alike.

A cheek swab kit, easy-to-follow instructions, color sample swatches for selecting your color, and an envelope for sending back your sample are included in the DNA portrait kit. All inside an elegant metal gift box.

How does it work?

  • Placing your order

Choosing your size, framing, and more.

  • You will then receive your DNA collection kit.

You will then receive a DNA collection card with some instructions and a complete cheek swab kit in less than seven days

  • Pick the colors

You can then use the swatches in your package for customizing every mix of colors.

  • Mail the sample back, and you’re done!

DNA11 will process your DNA in their safe laboratories once they obtain your sample and create your special work of Art.

Marvel Themed Bed Sheets

Marvel has enabled us to take advantage of the adult’s marvel comic bedding and not feel stupid. You will get the same bedding sheets on your children’s beds and use them on your adult bed.

A black and gray comforter with pictures from Captain America, Falcon, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor are some great ideas for a long-range of Avengers’ themed content. The sheet design is much “adult” even though it still features comic scenes and superheroes with which so many of us are so loving.

Wall Painting

You will see many fascinating examples of wall paintings if you browse the internet. We can start from the girl who painted the BTS army logo to the Bangladeshi girl who had a mural of Bob dial on her walls; you will see many of these examples.

Painting decorations on the walls could be one of the finest ways to express your fandom and a great way to create a fandom corner or wall. It could be a painting of anything like celebrities, musicians, artists, athletes, fictional characters, and even logos. Painting new relies on the wall is a great idea for your fandom room decor.

Fandom self

Self is both practical and could be used for expressing your fandom. Fandom Shelf is another useful way to organize your fandom memorabilia, such as action figures and accessories. It is a perfect furniture idea for placing such items and will allow them to be displayed and organized neatly.

If you have multiple fandoms, you can also use the cell to assign different tracks for different fandoms or mix and match items. It will be completely up to you how you want your fandom to be seen by people. For instance, you can have Tagore’s books on a rack and The Beatles memorabilia on another. The fandom self is one of the finest ideas for expressing your different fandom all in one place.


Your room means the whole world to you. It is the place where you are the freest as the room could be an extension of yourself. And what would be a better way for decorating it than displaying the things we love, our interests, hobbies, and most importantly, fandoms? We hope you can use our article on fandom room decor and try creating a fandom corner dedicated to the things you love.


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