With hundreds of video games, intriguing books, and movies released weekly, enthusiasts can hardly keep track of them. While there is no sure way of knowing if something is worth your time, relying on review sites can help. These sites also make it easy to keep up with the latest news, product releases, and much more. If you have heard about the pinball machine rumors or any other interesting news about your favorite game, book, or movie, these sites can help you keep track of your media habits.

1.      Geek Girl Authority

Geek Girl Authority is a site that stands out as being the best for everything. The platform provides logs and updates on movies, TV shows, and video games. The platform was founded by women, but that doesn’t make it exclusive. It is a welcoming platform for everybody looking for nerdy fun. You can rely on the platform for breaking news, in-depth reviews, television recaps, and science topics. Individuals with extensive knowledge in this sector are also welcomed aboard as contributors.

2.      Destructoid

Destructoid is an excellent gaming website that stocks almost everything. It uploads articles regularly, reviews, game features, new game previews and updates, opinions, and other exciting topics weekly. Destructoid isn’t restricted to gaming content only. It also reviews PC games and consoles, DLC, and mobile titles. It uses a straightforward review and rating system that makes it easy for beginners and experts to find what suits their interests.

3.      Game Informer

Game Informer is a popular video game magazine that has since evolved into a site. Unlike other platforms that feature TV and movie content, Game Informer focuses solely on games and occasionally features TV shows and movies based on games. The platform has news, upcoming game previews, updates, game suggestions, and reviews.

While Game Informer is now a website, it has maintained its old-school approach to game websites in the modern era. The platform’s major contributors are longtime game players, giving its content a professional feel.

4.      Goodreads

Goodreads is a popular book tracker that most avid readers rely on. Since its introduction more than two decades ago, the site has amassed more than 90 million members, each eager to sample their catalog. Readers on the platform also share their current reads, making it an interactive website.

Goodreads sets the standard for most recent social cataloging platforms. Apart from hosting a wide collection of book reviews, it allows users to customize their reads into shelves, check suggestions, create a recommendation list, and more. While it isn’t a perfect platform, mainly because the UX hasn’t been upgraded, making the site look cluttered and unintuitive and has a slow mobile app, it is the best so far.

5.      Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a web and app-based movie-tracking platform with more than 20 million fans for good reasons. It is a modern platform with an intuitive search function, which makes it easy for clients to find what they are searching for. You can also easily log all movies you’ve watched by adding dates and writing reviews. Letterboxd operates like a social media platform. As such, users can follow other subscribers with similar interests.

6.      Backloggd

Backloggd is a Letterboxd equivalent in video games. While it is currently mostly available through the web, users can catalog video games as they complete them. You can also indicate if you abandoned, mastered, or backlogged (if you haven’t played) games. You can also update the games you are playing currently and add new games to your wishlist. Subscribers can review games they’ve played, check other gamers’ profiles, learn winning tactics, and follow them.

7.      Grouvee

Grouvee is a recent game-tracking app that took inspiration from Goodreads. The platform allows users to mark already played video games, current games, wishlist, and backlogged games. You can also read and write reviews and contribute to the platform forum. Grouvee allows users to update the status of the games in progress, which is a good option for those who want to track the dates they passed a particular level.

8.      Your System

While you can occasionally check the websites mentioned above, modern gaming consoles and movie streaming sites make it easy to track what you’ve played or watched. However, you’ll have to fiddle around the console menu to find these updates. For instance, the Nintendo Switch tracks all the games played by individual user profiles. You can also access granular details by downloading the corresponding system app, such as how much time a specific game was played.

9.      Spreadsheet

You can also opt for spreadsheets, a traditional way of monitoring nearly everything. Spreadsheets provide a versatile and low-effort alternative for keeping track of your reads, movies, and games. It is an excellent option for those who can sacrifice the social sharing and visual aspects of using websites and apps.


The sites and apps mentioned above are just a few. Many other platforms, including YouTube and social media platforms, have tracking abilities. Explore these platforms to find one that has your favorites.

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