Benedict Cumberbatch made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this weekend. He’s a familiar face to the show and always a delight, if I do say so myself. He was there promoting Avengers: Infinity War, talking ‘super hero moments’ and tongue twisters. What could be better!?! 

The first order of business was getting tongue-tied.  Norton asked Cumberbatch, who described his name as sounding like ‘a fart in the bath’, about the many tongue twisters that have been born from his name. And, he came prepared with examples. Let’s try them, shall we? Benedict Cumberbatch broke a delicate luggage rack. Benedict Cumberbatch is a feminist lumberjack. Yep. I can’t say them more than once without tripping up. 

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The conversation then turned to Infinity War. There were no real hints given, as you might expect, but Cumberbatch did say that he’ll be helping the world, and ‘worlds beyond it, potentially.’ So, there’s that. But, it’s not much. He then gave a pretty enchanting account of the first time he put on the full Dr. Strange costume and had a ‘super hero moment’; and of the time he went into a coffee shop in full costume in New York City. Unfortunately, the clip they showed of Infinity War was cut from the Youtube clip, but the stories are worth a watch regardless. Check it out. 

And, though Cumberbatch was tight-lipped about Infinity War, he has not always been such a good secret keeper. Here’s the story of how he slipped Star Trek spoilers to Stephen Hawking.  You get the bonus of watching him put on some kind of twenties head-dress too! 

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters April 27th! 



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