Benedict Cumberbatch thought there would be only one sinister Khan in his life, Star Trek’s Khan Noonien Singh. Not so. Cumberbatch has just been cast in Warner Bros The Jungle Book, as you guessed it, the villainous tiger, Shere Khan.

Cumberbatch, who is no stranger to motion capture work, will be working with motion capture high lord, emperor and genius Andy Serkis who is helming the flick. Cumberbatch is the first casting announcement for The Jungle Book.

Now, Warner Bros’ The Jungle Book is not to be confused with Disney’s The Jungle Book which has Idris Elba playing Shere Khan. That adaptation is further along and has the very capable Jon Favreau directing. However, I have a feeling that Serkis’ take on the Rudyard Kipling tale will be much darker than Disney’s and therefore closer to the actual stories.

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