I’m sure you have no interest whatsoever in watching the ever-charming Benedict Cumberbatch be ever-charming on The Tonight Show.  And, since you don’t, you won’t watch the video posted below.  But, you should.  Because his appearance in Mad Lib Theater incredibly charming.

Jimmy Fallon being known for silly bits and dumb games, gives us no new surprises.  But, I could watch Benedict Cumberbatch just pick words for hours.  Forget the silly bit.  The silly bit is also fun, and made me very glad that Doctor Strange doesn’t have a New York accent.   Somehow the accent gives Cumberbatch an odd speech impediment as well.  Well, none of us is perfect.

Rory?  So English of you, Ben.  May I call you Ben?  No, I didn’t think so.

Watch. Be charmed.


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