So, I’m trying to go to bed right now. I’m going through my usual checklist of inane activities I subject to myself to before I slumber.

-I checked my email – junk mail.
-I read the news – crappy election coverage.
-I checked my social media – Hey! Why aren’t you guys tweeting me?

And then, I checked Reddit and instead of going down the Reddit hole that would keep up until three in the morning, I found this piece of awesome.

David Gilmour posted to his YouTube page his London performance of Comfortably Numb – my favorite Floyd song (Well, after Wish You Were Here. Yeah, I’m a stereotype). BUT! Here’s the thing, out walks Benedict Cumberbatch who then sings the lyrics! Well, he didn’t sing them, he more or less talk-singed the lyrics like Rex Reed from My Fair Lady but that doesn’t matter! It was amazing!

Right now, I’m going to just play this on a loop until I get sleepy. Comfortably Numb AND Benedict Cumberbatch before bedtime? Yes, please. (Now if I can only get a super cool Pink Floyd laser light show in my room as well – TRIFECTA!)


Audrey Kearns