It’s the weekend.  Take a break and look at something funny.  

Everybody loves them some Benedict Cumberbatch don’t they? Well, they should. And, he just keeps giving us more to love. Cumberbatch was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday. He was his charming self; discussing his upcoming movie, doing magic, playing a game and MAKING UP a song to delight and fascinate all who saw it.  

Jimmy Fallon is known for playing games with his guests. Some are better at them than others. Cumberbatch has proven himself game for and adept at silly word games. The two played a game called Sentence Sneak, where they had to seamlessly integrate a ridiculous sentence into a ‘regular’ conversation. Cumberbatch was hilarious. At once he was having fun and creating it. And, at the end he even sings his line. So fun. Take a look.

Not to be outdone by himself, when put on the spot, Cumberbatch also gave the audience a clever little magic trick involving an ordinary bottle of water and an empty cup.  I mean, there’s no end to this guy’s talents.  

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Cumberbatch stars in the upcoming film, The Current War which will be released in theaters November 24th. 

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