The Batfleck drama is a train that refuses to stop. According to USA Today, Ben Affleck continues to second guess his role in the DCEU and especially his role as Batman. After stepping down as director for an upcoming solo film, he’s been hinting at leaving ever since. This is, unfortunately, no different.

When speaking about the solo film, Affleck was not too enthusiastic about it. Director Matt Reeves has taken over and it seems that the actor is not on board for joining him. This is even after fans praised his performance, even some citing he’s the best live-action iteration of the character. It’s something that he’s apparently “still contemplating”. Continuing, he mentions it’s not a role he wants to do forever.

You don’t do it forever, so I want to find a graceful and cool way to segue out of it.

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Now, I would like to turn Affleck’s head towards Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Affleck doesn’t have to do it “forever” but he’s only really done two films. Sure, he made a brief appearance in Suicide Squad, but has the role really been that exhausting for him? It’s really frustrating as a fan. We’ve established this universe with him as Batman and he wants to pull out after two films! We haven’t even established a Nightwing or Robin to take the mantle over from him.

If Affleck retires, I need a film where he gives the cape to another. He’s been cast as older, so he can become an old, curmudgeon Bruce Wayne and we get another character. I don’t think I could stand to see a blatant recasting. Not this far along. But I could be wrong! What would you like to see happen with the character?

What do you think about Affleck’s comments? Are you ready to flip tables like me? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Bat-drama. You can see Batman in Justice League this Friday, November 17th.

Erin Lynch