2020 has not been kind to us, friends, and Variety has reported another beloved celebrity’s tragic death. The hits keep on coming, and this time in the form of comedic legend Carl Reiner‘s unfortunate passing. Reiner, whose illustrious career has spanned more than six decades, passed away Monday, June 29th at the age of 98. You may also be familiar with his son Rob Reiner‘s work in the entertainment industry. 

Now, Reiner is most known for creating and writing The Dick Van Dyke Show starring equally cherished comedian Dick Van Dyke. Reiner was a multi-hyphenate, dabbling in acting, writing, directing, and producing. Some of his notable written works besides The Dick Van Dyke Show include Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid starring Steve Martin and The Man with Two Brains, also spearheaded by Martin. As for his directing credits, Reiner worked at the helm of The Jerk with Martin and All of Me with Martin and Lily Tomlin. Reiner’s acting credits sit at a whopping 100, with his latest big project being last year’s Toy Story 4 as “Carl Reineroceros.” 

Reiner’s spouse, Estelle Reiner, preceded him in death in 2008. 

Recently, celebrities have taken to social media to voice their condolences. In fact, the whole of Twitter appears to be an outpouring of love for Reiner — a heartfelt dedication to the cherished comedian’s expansive career. Longtime friends such as Van Dyke, Martin, and Mel Brooks have released statements honoring their dearly departed companion. You can check out Van Dyke and Brooks’ lovely tributes, in addition to son Reiner’s heart-wrenching post, below.

We at Geek Girl Authority would like to send our most heartfelt condolences to Reiner’s family, friends, and fans the world over. May his indelible mark on our societal landscape remain eternal. 





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