Rust is a brutal survival game that even the biggest survival game fans find challenging to make it through. Even though many gamers think the field of Rust is quite similar to other games like Ark, Seven Days to Die, the intensity and risk involved here can turn off even the most experienced ones. 

You have to deal with animals, zombies, the brutal environment, and the heinous players all at the same time. So to survive such an extreme environment, other than your survival skills, you might have to use some cheats like Aimclub. 

Death is a part of the game, and everybody must encounter it sooner or later. But your goal should be to prolong it as much as possible and glide through the obstacles that block your way. 

Now let’s dive in and check out the top tips and tricks you must follow in 2022- 

First and Foremost: Pick a Server 

It is the first step in your journey of Rust. The server you choose will determine your journey ahead in the game. You will see some highly populated servers and some less populated. 

As a beginner, we would suggest you opt for a less populated one at first. Overcrowded servers are generally full of experienced players, and newbies won’t stand a chance to survive there. 

Go to the community tab and search for words like- “beginner,” “friendly,” Landing on such servers will help you brush up your skills. With fewer people, you can concentrate more on the environment than having to deal with constant attackers. 

Understand Your Status 

The key term in Rust or any other survival game is actually survival. You’ll see three tabs on the bottom right corner of the screen. These are- health, calories, and rads. 

The health tab will show you the status of your health. It shows how close or far you are to death. The health meter goes down whenever you are shot, hit, fall too far, or anything that hurts you in the game. 

You can keep the calorie meter up by eating more food. The calorie status goes down naturally over time if you are not doing anything and just lying around. You will have to participate in gathering resources, chopping trees, running, etc., to get the bar up. 

You will basically have to do activities that burn calories and also eat more food to keep the status balanced. 

The last status bar is- rads. It refers to radiation and how much exposure your character is getting. It’s not as important as the other two statuses- health and calories. 

Select the Right Place to Make Your First Base 

You need to make sure that you choose the right place for your first base. You don’t want to die as soon as you start the game so search for a well-hidden place with lots of resources nearby. 

The forest is the best place to start with. It has plenty of resources to build your base and also to keep you alive. The snowy places are too cold for new players without clothes, and dessert is too dangerous, to begin with. 

Gather as Much Wood as Possible 

You’ll require lots of wood to build your base. Forest is also the best area to collect as much wood as possible. That’s why we mentioned it as the ideal place to build your first base. 

Wood will help you build other necessary items like- foundation, walls, doors, locks, storage box, campfire, etc. 

Make Double Doors in the Base to Protect Your Stuff

It’s a good strategy to protect your belongings from prying eyes. So try to make two extra rooms in your base where you can stock up all your stashed material. Lock up the things in the last room so that even though the enemy gets to the second last room and finds it empty, they won’t think of going to the last one. 

Don’t Light a Fire at Night 

This is the foolish thing you can do in Rust. We have seen many players roaming with light at night. It is nothing short of welcoming attackers and exposing yourself to them. Cooking at night is also equally risky. So try to cook enough food in the day to suffice during the night as well. 


These are the beginner’s tips and tricks for Rust to follow in 2022. Following these tips will surely help you minimize the death risk. If you would like to ask anything else about Rust, ask them in the comment section. For more such posts, stay tuned!


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