Watching the Powerless premiere tonight? Well you can talk with protagonist Emily Locke and become a “trainee” at Wayne Security. How do you do this? Well first, you need to download KIK to your smart device. You can either go to or go to your app store and download the app. Once you’ve made an account, search for “waynesecurity” and you will instantly start chatting with Emily.

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From here it’s almost a choose your “own” adventure conversation with the bot. “Emily” will ask you questions about the products they’ve been working on and will ask you to send pictures to see if their super-battle proof. For example, she first asks you to send a selfie. I uploaded a picture of my cat so the bot didn’t recognize it. Later on the bot asked for a picture of my car to see if it was rubble-proof, in part to advertise the rubble umbrella that’s been in the ads for the show. You can choose different answers to the questions being asked so you get a different response depending on what you choose.

After the conversation with Emily, they will share the trailer with you and there’s a feature to read a brief description of each member of the team. It’s a cute bit of marketing and helps boost awareness of the show. Let us know if you try it out and let us know what you think of the premiere of Powerless!

Erin Lynch