Best Lavender And Purple Hair Colour Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Pastels are the talk of the town right now. And what better hues of pastel other than super flattering and girly lavender and purple hair colour? Purple, lavender and lilac hair shades are best options since they are not quite common and are soft and understated. So if you are here because you want to embrace pale purple, we have some of the prettiest purple colours here for you.

 This article is explicitly about choosing the right lavender and purple colours for your tresses, how to maintain your dyed hair, and how to perfectly pair your attire and makeup to your lavender and purple hair. Take a gander here.


1. Purple Haze.

There is no other better way to start this list than the purple haze hue. This beautiful gradient starts dark gray, and gradually fades into a smoky lavender bearing vibrant lilac tips. It is great for winter and suitable for women with neutral skin tones.

2. Lavender Balayage Crimp.

Lavender balayage is the best hairstyle for anyone attending the 80s themed party. The hairstyle is full of fun, depth, and texture.

3. Purple Ombre.

This purple hair shade is elegant, but it also reveals how excellently ombres lend themselves to beautiful styling. This purple hairdo is typically a side ponytail braid that is included into a Dutch braid. The impact resembles that of visual illusion colour painting. You can easily tell where it begins or where it ends. Awesome!

4. Messy Lavender Mermaid.

This is an outstanding style, with bold lavender waves hued all the way through. Nevertheless, maintaining the hair somewhat shaggy and incorporating flattering layers close to the front to the frame of your face, gives this glittery shade a little more natural look, just like that of ocean waves.

5. Metallic Lavender.

Women like tousled waves since they are ever stylish. The waves give this extended bob hairstyle a funkier and shorter look. Ombre lavender shade ideas are the talk of the town, with a dark purple hair close to the top melting beautifully into a pale metallic lavender.

6. Both Warm and Cold Balayage.

This duo-toned purple hair balayage is a stunning blend of warm and cold colours of purple that is suitable for most skin tints. Maintain the base dark saves you regular salon visits, and the mixture of the understated half knot at the top and loose curls gives you an easy and soft look.

7. Lavender and Silver Lavender.

Super light, feathery bobs match seamlessly with lavender ombres. This is our best example of lavender and silver hair colour style. The dark silver shade at the crown maintains the roots healthy, and melts into the metallic lavender effortlessly and in a soft manner thanks to the flitter in both hues.

8. Lavender Galaxy Balayage.

Indigo mixes perfectly with the purple hair. This balayage is the best proof. Just commence with the dark indigo base, let them melt into a subtle purple to the trimming, and incorporate a touch of lavender colour using hands. You get a space agey and an ethereal look.

9. Multi-Purple Shade with Braided Bun.

This bold purple hair hue is sure to turn heads wherever you pass by. The base is dyed vibrant indigo, while the remaining hair is a blend of lilac, blush and lavender hair hues.

Finally, the crown is pulled into a stunning French braid and then into a cute top knot bun. It is a standout, but casual updo to wear when you want to feel high.

10. Smoked Cotton Candy.

The pink cotton base, smoky violet roots, and sharp lavender transition tone give you a beautiful lavender balayage haircut that is special, polished, understated and due to its messy waves, super comfortable and fashionable for autumn.

11. Violet Flower Updo.

Go bright and shimmery with this beautiful lilac, indigo, and lavender hair hue. In the haircut, the indigo colour is used at the roots, while the balayage of silver and lilac is streaked through the trimmings.

The flowery top maintains the theme of purple hues chosen.