Be More Chill is a young adult novel with a science fiction twist. It was published in 2004 by author Ned Vizzini. It tells the story of Jeremy Heere, a painfully unpopular high school student, and how he attempts to navigate his life. But after he takes a pill containing a SQUIP (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor) he literally goes from zero to hero. Thanks to his SQUIP, who manifests as a clever, smooth talking casanova that only Jeremy can see, Jeremy is given advice that almost instantly makes him the most popular guy in school. The book was adapted into a musical in 2015 but didn’t become a hit sensation till late 2017.

Now just a few months after the shows revival, and the announcement of it’s big move to Broadway, a report from Deadline announced that the hit sensation will be transformed into a movie. Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps and Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions will be doing the honors as producers. Alas, it’s still too early to guess on who could possibly be cast, with no film studio  let alone writers or director – attached to the project.

Being a fan of both the book and musical I’m very intrigued with how this will turn out. Personally, I think they should go Disney style and have the movie be a musical as well. But knowing Hollywood they may just play heavily on the sci-fi handle. Either way, I’m pretty excited.

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Fallon Marie Gannon