The game of bingo has continued to grow for centuries. Its popularity took a short dip at the turn of the millennium, but since then, the game has become more popular than ever.

BBC One has produced a program on their hit series, True North, called ‘Bingo, it’s Not All About the Winning’.

What Is the Show About?

‘Bingo, it’s Not All About the Winning’, follows the local bingo world in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Westway Bingo Hall is the focal point for most of the show. Back in the mid 1990’s, Westway was open for bingo action just 3 nights a week. Early success in West Belfast allowed the establishment to expand more and more until they were eventually open 6 nights a week. Westway quickly became the largest bingo hall in West Belfast and one of the largest in the whole of Northern Ireland.

One of Westways main attractions is the ‘Big Night’ where punters arrive in droves. These nights only happen a few times a year. On these special nights, winning tickets can go into the thousands of pounds, creating a great air of anticipation, and a loyal following.

What Does the Show Tell Us About the Benefits of Bingo?

Bingo in the U.K is a big part of many people’s lives. It is a great excuse to get out of the house, it is a social event with the opportunity to make many new friends, and you have the chance to win money that can sometimes be life-changing amounts. Especially, if you make use of some of the most important bingo tips.

The show really focuses on the social aspect and the happiness that bingo brings to the community. We can see from the trailer the lady sharing a birthday cake and the fact that she is well known in the community and that is all down to her playing regular bingo at the local bingo hall.

Bingo in an Online Setting

While the show focuses on a bingo hall, the game has now become immensely popular online too. There are some fantastic UK bingo communities that not only bring bingo fans together, but also offer guidance on which are the best UK Bingo sites, where you can find the best no deposit offers, and which new bingo sites you can play at. Plus, many sites even tell you about another online vertical, as online slots have become big business in the UK. The UK bingo & slots industries are both on the rise, so having access to such communities is a big bonus.

Bingo in the U.K.

Bingo, in the United Kingdom, attracts 3.5 million players and of those, 38% are over the age of 45, while 62% are over that age. This figure demonstrates a trend that has never been seen before. Previously we could have expected those figures to be reversed or even heavier on the over 45’s. There are a few reasons for this, but the emergence of online casinos is a main factor in the trend as technology predominantly attracts the younger generation.

What is True North Exactly?

True North is a television series produced by British television broadcaster, the BBC, and it takes a closer look at life in Northern Ireland. True North has done a series of documentaries, covering a wide variety of topics, including, life without electricity, protesting and LGBTQ+. True North has proved popular across the UK as it covers a lot of topics of interest and it is relatable as it is all in the same country. The popularity of the TV series is evident as they continue to produce more and more episodes.

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