The CW’s Batwoman is a show that has quickly become near and dear to me. With the show’s diversity, representation and thrilling storylines, the Batwoman writers have created a binge-worthy show. They make life in Gotham exhausting and chaotic, as expected. 

With the latest season at its end, I want to rewatch the show from start to finish to relive the villainy and the heroism in Gotham. It’s difficult to wear the cowl in a place where criminals run wild and Arkham can’t seem to hold them for long, but Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) and Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) get the job done and keep the city safe. 

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Season one episode one titled “Pilot” kicks off with Kate Kane submerged underwater in an iced-over lake. Handcuffs shackle her ankles, and she dives to the bottom to find the key. As soon as she swims to the top, a mystery object blocks the exit hole. She has flashbacks to the time a school bus ran her family’s car off a bridge. At that same moment, Batman abandoned them in their time of need. 

Kate uncuffs her other ankle to use the handcuffs to break free of her iced entrapment. When she is finally free, she confronts her trainer, who covered the hole. 

We flash forward to a protest in Gotham. Mary (Nicole Kang) and her mother Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) are entering a high-profile gathering while the Crows stand guard. With the city sure Batman has deserted them, they ceremonially attempt to turn off the bat signal. Before they can, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) throws daggers at the police officer, stationed there to flip the switch. 

Alice stands in front of the cameras, broadcasting to the guests, as she vows the Crows won’t be able to protect them. Meanwhile, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) attempts to take down members of the Wonderland Gang, nearly falling to her death before they catch her. 

Sophie being kidnapped by two masked induviduals.

Batwoman — “Pilot” — Pictured (center): Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Kimberley French/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

After the discovery of Sophie’s disappearance, Mary calls Kate to inform her of the news. This brings Kate home to Gotham. 

Jacob (Dougray Scott) inspires the Crows to find Sophie and Kate shows up at Crow headquarters, asking to help. Kate’s thoughts turn to her past relationship with Sophie, and her father declines her offer of help. 

Kate scales a building to get into Wayne Enterprises to find footage of Sophie’s kidnapping. When discovered, Luke (Camrus Johnson) cuffs her and reports the break-in to security. It did not take long for Kate to turn the tables on Luke, cuffing him instead.

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When watching the footage back, Kate discovers a clue to where the Wonderland Gang took Sophie. It is an abandoned orphanage where she and her sister used to play. The gang outnumbers Kate when she follows the lead, knocking her out. Kate wakes, strung up by a hook and restrained by ropes, confronted by Alice. Alice reveals she is trying to get Jacob’s attention, which is why she took Sophie. 

After being hit with a paddle, Kate wakes up at Mary’s clinic with Mary recounting that someone dumped Kate at the door and she found her there. Kate and her father continue to disagree with her involvement and hash out old grievances. 

Even though her father wants her to leave the hunt to the Crows, Kate takes matters into her own hands. She returns to Wayne Enterprises and discovers the Batcave against Luke’s warnings. It is there she sees the bat suit, putting together that her cousin, Bruce Wayne, is Batman. This sends Kate into a flashback of the car accident where Batman couldn’t save her mother and sister. Luke explains Bruce spent years trying to understand what went wrong that day. 

Kate asks Luke to make Batman’s suit fit a woman. 

Batwoman looking over her shoulder in her bat suit.

Batwoman — “Pilot” — Pictured: Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman — Photo: Kimberley French/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Crows guard Gotham’s event Picture in the Park. Meanwhile, Alice calls Jacob to announce she outfitted the Crows’ trucks with explosives, and Sophie is bound on a ledge. She gives Jacob a choice of saving the many or just Sophie.

Batwoman (Rose) attempts to thwart Alice’s plans, clad in a more fitting version of the bat suit. She and Alice come to blows, but Batwoman saves a falling Sophie. The city regains hope after seeing the bat suit, believing Batman is back. 

Back at Crow headquarters, Kate and Sophie reunite, only for Kate to discover Sophie is married to a fellow Crow, Tyler (Greyston Holt). 

When she speaks with her father, Kate and Jacob finally hash out their differences. Finally coming around, Jacob offers her a job, but Kate chooses her own path as Batwoman. 

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The episode ends with Kate seeing one of Alice’s daggers with a familiar gem embedded. It was the gem from the necklace she shared with her sister, Beth (Skarsten), as children. Kate realizes Alice is her long-lost sister, Beth. 

This was a great pilot episode to kick-start the series. We see the backstory to give us the origin story for both Kate and Alice. The flashbacks were both sweet and heartbreaking to see how Sophie and Kate’s relationship ended. Sophie ended up choosing herself and her career over Kate, and in the end, when Kate finds out Sophie is married, I felt let down right along with Kate.

Taking this journey through the rewatch with fresh eyes is refreshing. I get the chance to fall in love with this version of Gotham all over again. 

The Crows seem to have Gotham under control right now. If Alice has her way, chaos and her personal vendetta may not only affect Jacob but the rest of Gotham, too.

You can stream Batwoman season one on HBO Max.

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