The thrill of rewatching The CW’s Batwoman continues with Season 1, Episode 4, “Who Are You?” After a string of jewelry thefts, the city wonders where Batwoman is amid these thefts. 

After waking up with Reagan (Brianne Howey), Kate (Ruby Rose) gets a message from Luke (Camrus Johnson) interrupting their morning pillow talk. Luke relays that Dodgson (Brendon Zub) is septic. When his vitals drop, the two agree that he needs an ER. 

At the cemetery, Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) watches a plot being dug. There, she encounters Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and a member of her gang. Alice blackmails her. 

At Mary’s (Nicole Kang) clinic, Batwoman (Rose) asks her to save Dodgson. Although he tried to kill her, Mary reluctantly agrees to save him. 

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When she leaves the clinic, Batwoman, with the help of Luke, searches for Magpie (Rachel Matthews), the jewelry thief. After locating her, the two fight, but Kate allows her to escape when the Batarang misses her. 

While at the Crows’ headquarters, Jacob (Dougray Scott) listens to the song Alice played on the cello when she infiltrated his home. Sophie (Meagan Tandy) interrupts, bringing information that the IED responsible for blowing up Alice’s convoy belongs to Hamilton Technology. 

Once again, Luke interrupts Kate’s date with Reagan, and back at Wayne Enterprises, Magpie breaks in, knocking Luke unconscious and stealing Martha Wayne’s necklace.

Alice with arm raised to the sky looks up in front of bat signal

Batwoman –”Who Are You?” — Pictured: Rachel Skarsten as Alice — Photo: Jeffery Garland/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This brings Kate to the Crows’ headquarters for Sophie’s help locating Magpie.

To clean up her mess, Catherine sent her men searching for the Wonderland gang hideout. Being two steps ahead, Alice had her gang bind and gag the men, cutting off one of their fingers to send Catherine a message. 

To infiltrate Magpie’s nest, Kate must hold her breath to retrieve the necklace and not trigger the sensors. Kate sneezes, setting off an explosion. 

While in Mary’s care, Dodgson mutters a cryptic message about Alice’s plans. 

Catherine’s plan backfires when the man she sent after Alice reveals his bloody four-fingered hand and declines to continue working for her. 

Kate, Reagan and Sophie have an awkward encounter at a museum exhibit event. Martha Wayne’s pearls were supposed to be on the showcase, and to Kate’s surprise, they show up. Luke reveals they are a 3D printed replica and most likely an explosive. 

This distraction allows Magpie to take all she wants from the museum. In the act of heroism, Kate saves a child from an explosive pearl before thwarting Magpie’s escape. 

Batwoman standing on a rooftop looking out

Batwoman –”Who Are You?” — Pictured: Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman — Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

When the chaos subsides, Kate finds Reagan, who doesn’t believe the lies Kate has to tell to cover her Batwoman persona. The two then amicably end their budding relationship.

With no other choice, Catherine tells Jacob about Alice’s blackmail, revealing she paid a DNA analyst to report Beth’s DNA in skull fragments found. She explains the pieces were from a deer. 

Returning to the clinic, Mary tells Batwoman that Alice is looking for someone named Mouse, and this spurs her to embed a chip inside him. 

After putting an end to Magpie’s thefts, Batwoman gains the city’s trust. Kate comes to terms with the double life she has to lead and settles into her own life in Gotham by starting a real estate firm. 

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After another rewatch, I remember why I truly love this show. Kate’s origin story and coming into her own is captivating. In a sense, she transitions from being unapologetically herself to hiding a part of herself. I love the depiction of this.

Although Catherine explained herself, I can’t wait to see how this affects her relationship with Jacob. 

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