We kick off another episode in Gotham with Batwoman, Season 1, Episode 15, “Off With Her Head.”

The episode starts with a flashback of Jacob (Dougray Scott), a young Kate and Beth receiving matching necklaces from their mother. The flashback is short-lived when Batwoman (Ruby Rose) rescues a woman from peril.

After she saves the day, the bat signal turns on, and a mystery person leaves August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy) tied up on the rooftop with a note attached. Kate (Rose) tells her father she believes that mystery person to be Alice.

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Looking for Mouse (Sam Littlefield), Alice finds him tied up and panicking. When she questions him about the house they’re in, he reveals they’re in the Queen of Heart’s (Debra Mooney) house. With another flashback, we see Mouse’s grandmother, Mabel Cartwright (Mooney), come to visit when they were children. 

Kate and Jacob talk, leaving Jacob in disbelief that Alice is alive. Just as their conversation grows heated, August wakes. Kate questions him about the note she found with him. In a surprising turn of events, Mouse reveals his greatest fear is Alice just before he attacks her, binds her and gives her fear toxin. Alice experiences her greatest fear, which turns out to be Mouse’s grandmother. 

The Queen of Hearts and August Cartwright looking at each other

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During a visit to Mary’s (Nicole Kang) clinic, Luke (Camrus Johnson) learns Mary has information on Beth’s murder. The two follow the lead to a junkyard. Now that August is talking, he tells Kate and Jacob that Alice is in danger after exposure to the fear toxin. 

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Meanwhile, Alice relives the horrors of the Queen of Hearts physically and verbally abusing her. Back at Kate’s bar, Jacob leaves to trace August’s phone. August breaks free only to slit his throat so that he never reveals Alice’s true location. In the junkyard, Mary and Luke find a gun matching the caliber that killed Beth. Batwoman calls Mary, asking for help in closing a neck wound. Kate uses a staple gun to close the wound under Mary’s advisement.

In one final effort, Kate strikes a deal with August, and he gives her Alice’s location. After hallucinating Kate and Jacob abandoning her again, Alice breaks free of her bindings. Just before Alice can harm herself, Jacob finds her and gives her adrenaline to nullify the toxin. 

After saving Alice, Jacob and Alice have a moment. She reveals August kept Beth and Kate’s mother’s head locked in a freezer. August had intended to use her face for his mother. When a much younger Alice discovered this, she killed the Queen of Hearts. August also shares this news with Kate, prompting her to attack him. Kate goes too far, believing she has killed him. When Jacob enters with Alice in tow, he tries to help her resuscitate him. Their efforts were for naught, and Alice congratulates her father on having two daughters who are killers. 

Luke and Mary standing looking toward something in front of them.

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The episode ends with Kate texting Sophie (Meagan Tandy), only to be interrupted by Alice. She tells Kate they have a long night ahead regarding burying August’s body.

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That was a really great episode! I love how much we learn about Alice’s past that shapes her present and future. The chilling discovery of how awful her life was with the Cartwrights always amazes me and even sends a shiver down my spine. 

Additionally, I love what this means for Kate’s story as Batwoman. She has now crossed a line and must contend with what she’s done. 

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