I couldn’t wait to jump into rewatching Batwoman season one, episode fourteen, “Grinning from Ear to Ear.” The last episode left us with so much to unpack. 

We start with Sophie (Meagan Tandy) running into Mary (Nicole Kang), and the latter noting the other woman’s good mood. This good mood also transfers to Kate (Ruby Rose) as she speaks to Luke (Camrus Johnson). Both Luke and Mary grill them, inquiring about their respective moods. Recounting the kiss, Luke expresses concern for putting a target on Sophie’s back with this relationship. 

Back at the Wonderland Gang’s lair, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) reads her obituary with displeasure at how it reads. At Crows’ headquarters, Jacob is reminded of the favor he owes to the inmate who saved him. This inmate is Reggie Harris (Seth Whittaker), the man who murdered Lucius Fox. 

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Batwoman meets Sophie at her place, warning of the dangers of their interactions before her enemies use Sophie to get to her. The two share another kiss, only to be interrupted by a surprise visit from Sophie’s mother. 

Somewhere in Gotham, a photo shoot gets disrupted when a hooded woman attacks a social media influencer. At Wayne Enterprises, Luke and Kate discuss Sophie and the Serial Slasher. She visits Mary, who explains that the common thread is Dr. Campbell(Sebastian Roché). She offers to help, but Kate declines. 

At Sophie’s place, her mother learns of Sophie’s separation from her husband. The two disagree on values and what’s best for Sophie. Her mother expresses her dislike of Batwoman due to her being gay. 

Alice standing facing forward

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Batwoman asks Sophie to visit Dr. Campbell under the guise of still working for the Crows. This gives Kate a potential identity of the Serial Slasher and a place to look. While at Duela Dent’s (Alessandra Torresani) home, Batwoman discovers Duela’s mother there tied up with her face cut into an exaggerated smile. 

She also discovers Duela, who slashes her mother’s throat and escapes. Back at Alice’s lair, she has kidnapped a therapist who helps her make sense of her fear of Mouse’s father and her inability to act against him. After giving her valuable advice, she has her gang kill him. 

Being held hostage by his father, Mouse (Sam Littlefield) learns of Alice’s death. Jacob questions agents at the Crow’s headquarters about Lucius Fox’s murder. Looking for an influencer, Batwoman asks for Mary’s help in identifying an influencer. 

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This leads Batwoman on a false lead. She finds a slashed truck driver but not the influencer. She encounters Sophie, who warns her of the Crow’s arrival. The two escape from the Crows on Batwoman’s motorcycle, continuing their search for the Serial Slasher. 

Returning to her clinic, Mary discovers Alice ransacking her medical supplies. After confronting her, Alice admits to being responsible for her blood transfusion. When prompted, Alice tells Mary she knows who Batwoman is. 

Duela plans to dip her victim in a vat of chemicals, but Batwoman and Sophie save the day. Her motives were revenge on her classmates and influencers. After their heroic act, Sophie and Batwoman decide to part ways. 

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Before the Crows can apprehend a bound Duela, Alice encounters her, offering revenge on Dr. Campbell, who had wronged them both. When police arrive to apprehend her, they find her with her face torn off. Alice uses her face to get into Dr. Campbell’s office. When she takes off Duela’s face, she knocks Dr. Campbell unconscious.

Jacob finds more evidence of the potential mishandling of Lucius Fox’s murder case. Jacob calls Sophie, leaving a voice message, asking for help with an internal Crows issue. Back at Sophie’s home, she finally comes clean with her mother about her sexuality and feelings about her ex-husband. Her mother storms out in disappointment. 

 At Kate’s bar, she and Mary share a moment. While at Alice’s lair, Alice kidnaps August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy). She requests to see Mouse, and he agrees to give her a location. The last thing we see is Mouse forcibly inhaling fear toxin.

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This episode really tore at my heartstrings. Sophie’s moments with her mother make me proud of Sophie for being honest about who she is, but it definitely hurt to see her mother’s reaction. Seeing Sophie and Batwoman come to terms with the dangers of seeing each other and ending things also brought about some heartache. These two definitely take me through a journey in season one! 

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