As we gear up to rewatch another explosive episode of Batwoman, I can’t help the excitement for just the title alone. Season one, episode eight “A Mad Tea-Party” definitely suggests we get to see one of our favorite villains with a diabolical plan. 

The episode opens on a battle between Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and one of the Wonderland Gang members. Mysteriously, Kate (Rose) requests their jacket before GCPD apprehends them. 

After the battle, she goes to the Batcave, having Luke (Camrus Johnson) use the phone in the jacket pocket to track Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Following one location, Kate tracks Alice to a warehouse, confronting her about the gun that can kill Batwoman. She gives Kate a key piece of the gun and Kate pleads with her to turn herself in. 

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While leaving a motel, the Wonderland gang kidnaps Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott)

After having one sisterly interaction, she has another with Mary (Nicole Kang). Mary invites her to a gala honoring Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis). Kate declines the invitation, which puts distance between her and Mary. 

Mouse(Sam Littlefield), posing as Jacob, disagrees with Kate about a potential reconciliation with Catherine.

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Across town, Alice has the real Jacob tied up, confronting him about the past and how he failed her. Amidst the emotional discussion, Alice promises death to occur at her tea party. 

Back at Wayne Enterprises, Kate works out that the Jacob she spoke to is Mouse. 

While Mouse as Jacob briefs Sophie (Meagan Tandy)and Tyler (Greyston Holt), who are still having marital problems, Kate texts Sophie. Before she can act, he shoots the couple with tranquilizers. 

The revelation then brought Kate back to confronting Alice about the whereabouts of her father. She hopes to find some good in her sister. Alice gives her a false address of where she’s keeping Jacob. 

While Mouse and the Hamiltons are at the Gala, Luke hacks the cameras, determining not only is Mouse not Jacob, there are people masquerading as Crows. 

Mary and Kate facing each other with Kate touching Mary's arm.

Photo Credit:Jack Rowand/The CW

Sophie and Tyler wake up tied to their chairs, planning to figure out a way out. 

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At the Gala, Catherine gives a shocking speech, compliments of Alice. She collapses after her nose starts to bleed. Mary tends to her mother as the lights go out in the Gala and the guests realize they’re locked in.

Fists fly and shots fire as Batwoman arrives on the scene. 

Alice makes her presence known, revealing she has poisoned Catherine with one of Hamilton Dynamic’s own deadly neurotoxins. She also informs Mary there is no antidote. 

She unearths the vial she traded for the weapon, being a “cure all” because of the healing properties of the desert rose. 

After a heartfelt apology from Catherine, Alice offers the cure, only to find Mary also drank the poison. There is only enough cure for one.

Pleading with her daughter, she begs Mary to take the cure and save herself. 

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Batwoman confronts Alice as she reveals the plot to kill Catherine. Just as Kate chokes Alice, Mouse saves her and the two escape. 

Just before she passes away, Mary and Catherine have a tear-filled moment and a sweet goodbye.

Kate in the batsuit with now mask standing behind luke seated at computer in the batcave

Photo Credit:Jack Rowand/The CW

Jacob awakes in his car and calls Kate as GCPD surrounds him. They find a vial on him and arrest him. The media cites him as Catherine’s murderer. 

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Kate attempts to comfort Mary, but she declines. She leaves Kate with the question of whether Alice is truly worth it. 

With the shocking news of Jacob’s arrest, Sophie tries to talk sense into the GCPD before having a moment with Tyler. It leaves them on uncertain terms as he advises her to figure out her feelings. 

The episode ends with Jacob and Kate in agreement about taking down Alice.

What an episode! I found myself even in this rewatch, hanging onto every word and every scene. 

Alice is truly a villain that you can, at times, empathize with and I have to say I always enjoy her devious plots. She always makes for an exciting scene every time she’s on screen. 

Seeing Jacob and Kate in agreement about Alice was truly chilling. 

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While the next episode is a part of the crossover for Crisis on Infinite Earths, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Gotham. 

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