For so many, this show is special and means so much. The CW’s Batwoman is by far one of the few shows I can name as a favorite. Reliving these episodes in a rewatch reminds me of the impact of each episode.

The episode takes us back to 15 years ago when a search party looked for Beth (Rachel Skarsten) after the car crash. This is parallel to the present day. The Crows and Batwoman (Ruby Rose) search for Alice (Skarsten).

Kate (Rose), clad in the Batwoman costume, enters the Batcave, only to be lectured by Luke (Camrus Johnson) about pretending to be Batman parading around the city. On the radio, Gotham citizens speculate Batman is back. 

At a family breakfast, Kate tells her father, sister and step-mother she believes Alice is Beth. When they disagree, she vows to prove it. 

Speaking of Alice, she holds an elderly couple hostage while having a meeting with her Wonderland Gang in their home. They plan to uproot the city’s confidence in the Crows, but Alice makes it personal. She wants to strip away everything Jacob (Dougray Scott) has. 

When Kate visits Crow headquarters, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) asks her if she’s the person in the Batman suit. Kate denies being in the suit, but asks for a favor instead. She needs Sophie to help with a DNA sample on the knife, hoping to find out if it matches Beth. Sophie doesn’t agree to the favor, and suddenly the Wonderland Gang attacks to retrieve the knife. 

The Crows standing facing front

Batwoman –“The Rabbit Hole” Pictured (center): Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore — Photo: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The gang gets the knife, and Jacob tells the two of them the GCPD gave the green light to put Alice down. He doesn’t agree with Kate’s suspicion of Alice being the daughter he lost. He gets news of the location of one of the rabbits in the gang. Kate follows the trail to Mary’s (Nicole Kang) clinic. It’s there where Kate let him go in favor of sending Alice a message. 

While Jacob and the Crows ready themselves to take Alice down, Kate asks Sophie to buy her some time so she can meet with Alice. She waits for Alice at an abandoned waffle stand they used to love. As she waits, she thinks back to her childhood without Beth. Young Kate blamed herself for Beth’s absence. 

The Crows burst into the elderly couple’s home to find them dead, and Alice and the Wonderland Gang are nowhere to be found. Jacob reveals he knew this location because Beth grew up there. This house is their old home. 

Alice meets Kate, playing mind games with her. When questioned about surviving the car crash, Alice recounts the gruesome details in a detached manner. Kate reveals she’s never moved on from the loss of her sister, or the hope of finding her. 

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Just as Alice slices her hand to provide her DNA, the Crows surround them thanks to a tip from Sophie. Kate blocks the shot, pleading with her father to get Alice help rather than kill her. He sends her to Arkham instead. 

Before she heads off to Arkham, Alice cryptically reveals she doesn’t like to share, and this includes Kate. She sends her boyfriend and second-in-command of the gang, after Mary. As he attacks Mary at the clinic, Batwoman saves her. 

The transport truck transferring Alice to Arkham blows up and nose dives off a bridge into the lake. Batwoman saves her, but an underwater blast separates them. Kate passes out on land, and Luke uses the intercoms and suit technology to wake Kate before the police arrive. 

Kate checks on Mary before going to speak with her father. He demands she drop her Alice theory and threatens to arrest her if she doesn’t drop it. 

Kate Kane standing looking forward

Batwoman –“The Rabbit Hole” Pictured: Ruby Rose as Kate Kane — Photo: Jeffery Garland/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jacob remembers finding confirmation of Beth’s death, and Sophie tells Kate to move on. Later, Kate visits Luke to thank him for the help. She also informs him it wasn’t the Wonderland Gang that jumped her and took the knife. Someone else wants this Beth secret buried. 

The answer to the question only brings us more questions when we see Catherine Hamilton (Elizabeth Anweis), Kate’s stepmother telling her lackey to destroy the knife. 

Kate tortures Alice’s boyfriend for information about Alice, and later Kate finds a note and a bat in a box, giving way that Alice knows Kate’s secret about the batsuit. 

I forgot just how heart aching Sophie and Kate’s past is in this first season! The betrayal, the hurt, and Kate admitting to Sophie she would have made her feelings known had she known about the wedding. 

Reliving the Alice moments reminds me of how much I love the character. The Kane family drama definitely takes us on a ride in season one. I love every second of it. 

Batwoman season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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