I can not wait to dive in and rewatch this episode after all the angst that the last episode put us through. I can’t hit play fast enough of Batwoman season one, episode thirteen’s “Drink Me,”

The episode starts off with a man being paralyzed, strung up and drained of his blood. While meeting in Wayne Manor, Kate (Ruby Rose), Mary (Nicole Kang), and Luke (Camrus Johnson) deal with the loss of Beth. On his way to the morgue, the press surrounds Jacob (Dougray Scott) after being exonerated. He meets Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the two speak about what happened as they view Beth’s (Rachel Skarsten) body, believing her to be Alice (Skarsten).

To break up from the grief, Luke presents Kate with a bad guy to catch. Kate agrees to look into Nocturna (Kayla Ewell). In search of Nocturna, Batwoman (Rose) not only finds her latest victim but also the Nocturna herself. The two fight and Nocturna injects Batwoman with a paralytic.

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While Nocturna escapes, Sophie finds Batwoman, issues a warning, and cuts her down before saving the victim. Once Kate is free, she visits Mary’s clinic. Mary finds ketamine in her blood. After informing Luke of Nocturna’s injection via fangs, they come up with a plan to catch her. 

In a meeting with the Crows, Jacob gives the order to find Nocturna before Batwoman does. After seeing a post about the grand opening of Kate’s club, he directs Sophie to attend and monitor things because Nocturna targets clubgoers. 

Much to Sophie’s chagrin of being there, she ends up unknowingly mingling with Elle (Amber Lewis), Luke and Kate’s top suspect for the identity of Nocturna. Just as the two are hitting it off, Kate interrupts, acting as the bartender. She cuts herself and Elle reacts, claiming lightheadedness. This rules her out in Kate’s opinion. 

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Amid their search, Alice shows up in the alley, asking about Mouse’s whereabouts. Kate offers to talk about what transpired with Beth and the two disagree. When Alice returns to her hideout, Nocturna attacks her. 

When Kate and Luke watch the camera footage back, they discover who Nocturna really is. While strung up and primed for draining, Alice bargains for her life. She offers her a better bargain for blood. This leads Nocturna to attack Mary instead. 

At Crow headquarters, Jacob confronts Sophie about her interactions with Batwoman. She assures him of her allegiance to the Crows. Batwoman runs to the aid of Alice in hopes of catching Nocturna but finds a partially drained Alice instead. Continuing to narrow down the search, Luke hones in on a location. 

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Batwoman finds Nocturna and a partially blood drained Mary at an abandoned cathedral. Batwoman and Nocturna come to blows, but Alice comes to her aid. She offers to give Mary some of her blood to at least get her heart started while Batwoman goes after Nocturna. 

Batwoman bests Nocturna and at Crows headquarters Sophie and Jacob disagree on Batwoman’s involvement in their past cases. At the height of their disagreement, she calls Sophie to announce the whereabouts of the restrained Nocturna. This causes Jacob to admit his lack of trust in Sophie and her suspension. 

Kate goes to Mary’s clinic to check on her, and Mary informs her of Nocturna’s motive of using her blood for traces of the desert rose, which could cure her condition. This leads Kate to believe Alice shared this information with Nocturna. Because of this assumption, Kate confronts Alice. 

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When Kate leaves, Alice gets news of the only two people who visited Mouse. She learns of Dr. Campbell and deduces his true identity to be August Cartwright – Mouse’s dad. Another realization happens when Mary puts together all the encounters with Kate. She realizes Kate is Batwoman. 

The show ends with a moment between Sophie and Batwoman as they agree to keep their distance, but in the same breath, share a kiss. 

What an ending it was! I love that even without knowing Batwoman’s true identity, Sophie still found herself drawn to Kate. I also really enjoyed each discovery as they happened — Mary with Kate and Alice with Mouse’s father. It truly creates more complications in the story. I can’t wait to catch the next episode to relive Kate and Sophie’s interactions, along with Mary’s journey and Alice’s antics. 

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