Jumping back into the rewatch of Batwoman Season 1, we find out what exactly is happening with Beth (Rachel Skarsten) and Kate (Ruby Rose) in Season 1 Episode 11, “An Un-Birthday Present.”

The episode opens precisely where we left off, with Kate utterly stunned and Beth wishing her a happy birth. Kate immediately chokes her, demanding to know who she is. Before she can do any harm, Beth pepper sprays her and runs. 

Returning to the Crows’ HQ, we see Alice (Skarsten) in handcuffs, remembering her time as a child with Mouse and his dad on her birthday. In the Blackgate, Jacob (Dougray Scott) deters Sophie (Meagan Tandy) from trying to interrogate Alice. Just as the call ends, Kate arrives, convinced that Alice escaped. Sophie shows her a live feed of Alice in holding. 

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Sophie refers Kate to Mary (Nicole Kang), who also saw Beth. Kate meets up with Mary and Luke (Camrus Johnson) to figure out who this lookalike is. After discovering a picture of Kate and Beth as adults, it leads Kate to believe it could be Beth from another earth. 

Following her intuition, Kate tracks Beth down, apologizing to her startled twin. Still in holding, Alice reveals she has something surprising up her sleeve. As Sophie rejoins the other Crows, there’s a broadcast on. Mouse (Sam Littlefield) requests Alice’s release in exchange for the commissioner’s son and the mayor’s son. He leaves them with the ultimatum of a trade, or he will kill his hostages. 

Kate rushing toward a car in the junkyard, Mouse watching.

Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

At Kate’s bar, she and Beth have a drink as she explains the multiverse to Beth. The two share what life was like for each of them. Beth reveals in her world Kate saved her from the car crash. Interrupting their moment, Luke advises them to turn on the television. There, the reporter speaks to the commissioner, revealing that they are refusing to turn on the bat signal and insinuating that it could be because of Batwoman coming out as a lesbian. 

Amidst the chaos, Sophie brings Alice the book she requests, and she continues to reminisce about her horrid past with Mouse and his father. After seeing the news, Kate decides to help save the hostages, regardless. In a moment of doubt, Kate tells Luke she could have saved Beth when they were younger. He provides her with words of encouragement. 

Before Kate can get to the bat cave, Mouse intercepts her. He handcuffs her in a car with the other hostages, and Kate gives Sophie a message “let Alice go.” Beth goes to Wayne Enterprises to look for Kate. Luke shares that Kate has been kidnapped. 

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When Alice thinks she will be released, Sophie says that because Kate said it twice, it meant to do the opposite. In contrast, Alice reveals she and Mouse also had their code. 

While filling Beth in on Alice, she and Luke brainstorm ways to save Kate. Beth offers to act as Alice. Sophie attempts to reach some part of Alice to appeal to her as Alice continues to share her past of how she learned to make faces of human skin. 

Even though Luke protests, Beth goes through with the plan, allowing Mary to help her transform into Alice. She even apologizes to a shaken Mary, seeing Beth in a blonde wig. Just as Mouse douses the car holding Kate and the boys captive, Beth, disguised as Alice, approaches.  

Mouse spraying gas on a car with kate inside

Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW

Their plan works until Mouse suspects Beth isn’t Alice, using their riddles which confuse Beth. He removes her wig to discover the truth before stuffing her into the trunk and lighting the car on fire. Kate escapes but has to fight the Wonderland Gang before attempting to save anyone. 

Still attempting to appeal to Alice’s sensibilities, Alice reveals the book Alice in Wonderland was her escape to hide the trauma of her reality. When Sophie orders fellow Crows to take Alice to Arkham, Alice escapes with a weapon from the book Sophie brought her. She holds a gun to Sophie’s head but disappears before hurting her. 

Not wanting to lose Beth, Kate bests Mouse in a fight. This gives her enough time to save the two other hostages and return for Beth. Her attempts to save Beth look bleak as she’s trapped in the trunk with no way out. Just as it seems Kate has to choose to leave her sister again, she returns with a crowbar. Kate frees Beth from the trunk and through the backseat. 

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Kate and Sophie watch the news at Crows HQ. They see citizens of Gotham protesting after news of Alice’s breakout. They demand the commissioner turn on the bat signal. This protest spurs Batwoman to swoop down and make an appearance as the crowd cheers. When Sophie visits Jacob, he urges her to end Alice now that she’s on the run. 

Luke, Mary and Beth celebrate Kate and Beth’s birthday. A high-pitched ringing in Beth’s head and Alice’s interrupts the moment. I honestly loved this episode. It warms my heart to see what Kate and Alice could be, but it also makes it ache to know that Beth won’t be here to stay. I doubt both of them can exist in the same universe in this way. The next episode will give us those answers.

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