It’s crossover time on Batwoman as we get to see our favorite characters from Batwoman interact with the other superheroes across the Arrowverse in season one, episode nine, “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Two”. 

The episode begins with Kate (Ruby Rose), Sara Lance ( Caity Lotz), and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) pouring a drink in honor of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who in Hour One’s crossover sacrifices himself for Kara, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and the world. 

While the fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance, the three plan a way to save it, but Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) arrives, interrupting them. Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) also enters with the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett).

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They come up with a plan to utilize a waverider. Lyla teleports to Earth-74 to take that waverider, and there she encounters Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) who she asks to come with her. 

With Kate, Sara, Kara, Barry, Mick, Clark (Tyler Hoechlin), Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Ray all assembled, the Monitor tells them of the seven paragons who will save the multiverse and defeat the Anti-Monitor. 

During this, the Monitor reveals the identity of four of the seven paragons, tasking them with finding the other three. He names Kara the paragon of hope, Sara the paragon of destiny, and his knowledge lacked the names of the other paragons, but he sent them on a quest to Earth-99 to find Bruce Wayne as the fourth paragon. 

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While on the waverider, Kara is face to face with an enemy from her past – Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer). The monitor restored him from death, claiming he has a destiny to fulfill. Because of this, Kara distrusts the Monitor. 

Because he steals The Book of Destiny, Lex Luthor plans to thwart their plans of saving the world by killing Superman, who is the third paragon. 

Grief-stricken, Barry and Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara) plan to use the Lazarus pit to bring her father, Oliver, back to life. Sara tries to talk her out of it. 

Lois, Clark and Iris standing together facing forward


On the search for the paragon of courage, Kara and Kate head to Wayne Manor in Gotham on Earth-99. There, they encounter a less friendly Luke (Camrus Johnson) unwillingly to let them in. 

Kara kicks down the door, and they encounter Bruce (Kevin Conroy). In this world, he tells her his Kate died five years ago. 

On Earth-75 in Metropolis, Lois and Clarke search for this earth’s Superman. Iris calls, informing them of Lex’s plan to hop from Earth to Earth killing off Supermen.

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Back on Earth Prime, John Constantine (Matt Ryan), Barry, Sara and Mia look for an Earth with a functioning Lazarus Pit. Sara makes John promise to bring Oliver’s soul back along with his body. 

On Earth-167, the trio in search of Superman finds Clark Kent (Tom Welling). As they attempt to warn him, they disappear, and Lex appears. He threatens Clark with kryptonite, which doesn’t affect him. He gave up his powers because he has a family now. When Lex attempts to attack, Clark blocks his advance and punches him. Lex retreats. 

When we return to Earth-99’s Gotham, Kate learns of the swift change to Bruce’s life and code as she pleads for help. Not only is Bruce aided in walking via an exoskeleton, but he has taken lives.

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Our trio is once again searching for Superman in Metropolis on Earth-96. At the Daily Planet, Lois runs into Clark (Brandon Routh) who has a striking resemblance to Ray. 

In Gotham, Kara discovers the trophies of all of Batman’s greatest victories. She finds the shattered glasses of Superman among them. Luke informs her of their history, citing Superman as the reason for Bruce’s exoskeleton. 

In Metropolis, they convince Clark to come back with them just as Lex arrives on the scene, altering Earth-167’s Superman so he will kill Earth-Prime’s Superman. The two fly off in an aerial battle. 

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After knocking Lex unconscious, Lois and Clark help to bring Earth-167’s Clark back to his senses. 

Arriving on Earth-18 North Dakota, John, Barry, Mia and Sara find the last remaining Lazarus Pit. They resurrect Oliver, but he isn’t himself. Sara tranquilizes him in order to reunite his body and soul. 

Trying to reunite Oliver’s soul, John falls flat, revealing he is lacking in magic at the moment. 

Brandon Routh's Superman facing forward


In Gotham, Kara tells Kate Bruce murdered Superman. He and the girls come to blows and Bruce falls onto equipment in the Batcave that shocks him. 

Back on the Waverider, Ray finishes the paragon detector. It shows Kate as the paragon of courage.

When Kate doubts herself, Kara is there to encourage her, like the paragon of hope she is. Kara plans to bring back her earth with The Book of Destiny, no matter the risks.

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The episode ends with the Anti-Monitor calling on Lyla as the Harbinger.

So much happens in this crossover and there were so many familiar faces from the other shows. I really enjoyed rewatching this. I enjoyed the dark take on Batman on Earth-99, and the way his hopelessness, in turn, inspired Kate’s courage to become a paragon without even realizing it.

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I can’t wait to jump back into the action next episode. 

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