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Very sincerely, whoa. If these rumors turn out to be true … whoa.

Over on Bleeding Cool they’ve heard from unnamed sources that The CW’s DC shows — Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl — might be adding some big, gigantic, iconic names to their rosters. If these are true — this is pure insanity. Awesome insanity.


According to them, “Kathy/Kate Kane and her alter ego, Batwoman, will appear on Supergirl as a recurring role.”


WHAT!? Yeah, according to the rumor, apparently Kate Kane is Maggie Sawyer’s ex-girlfriend and she occasionally visits National City to see her. Maggie Sawyer, if you’ve forgotten, is a new series regular role in Supergirl, with Floriana Lima playing the role.


But, wait, it gets better because they are apparently also bringing in Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle. Maybe she was Batgirl at one time, maybe not, what’s important is that we’ll be getting Oracle! (well, maybe we are, this is all still super rumor).

Apparently, Gordon will “develop a strong friendship with Kara, Supergirl” and the “Oracle/Batwoman relationship is being modeled after the original Chuck Dixon era Birds of Prey.”


Also, according to the rumor, The CW and WB are trying to work out a deal with Fox to share the rights to Batman/Bruce Wayne, but the fee, as they say, would be so high they would most likely need to share the character with all four of their shows in some capacity.

But wait, you thought we were done! Oh no, we’ve still got a couple more laps on the rumor mill to run!

CONSTANTINE -- Pilot -- Pictured: Matt Ryan as John Constantine -- (Photo by: Quantrell Colbert/NBC)

Apparently John Wesley Shipp and Matt Ryan could be getting deals to become series regulars across the entire CW DC Universe, following in the tracks of Wentworth Miller (who plays Captain Cold, Leonard Snart) and John Barrowman(Malcom Merlyn). Shipp would most likely be playing Jay Garrick, not Barry Allen’s dad, Henry Allen. And Matt Ryan would be reprising his role as Constantine, with the possibility that he gets a Friday night time slot, since the CW likes having a more horror-oriented show there.

This is, as we warned, all completely unsubstantiated, but whoa, if any of that is true — whoa.

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