One of the biggest FPS franchises in the world has to be Battlefield. Still, it remains the most relevant and popular game on the whole market. Battlefield 2042, a highly anticipated video game, is to be released on October 22nd, 2021. For those with an early access membership, will be able to play the game on October 15th.

The fact that DICE hadn’t released a new game for their series in 2020, they left their fans in the dark for a whole year. Now after working on the game for a long time, the fans are very excited about what the game can bring to the table. Here are a few interesting facts about this long-awaited first-person shooter:

The trailer incorporated all the chaos and havoc that is Battlefield, which is why it’s one of the best we’ve ever seen from a gaming studio. One of the biggest events in the video game industry is called E3. At the last event, E3 2021, the players had a teaser of all the features that they should be expecting within this massive game. We accumulated some of these remarkable features below:

Physics and Weather conditions 

The players had a look at giant sandstorms in the E3 trailer and also some pretty harsh weather conditions in general. Their main focus for this is mostly to create a more realistic and mystifying setting for the players.

Grappling Hook 

Only appearing in a brief, a grappling hook was also seen in the trailer. This could be a more efficient way to be more mobile while in-game.

Swappable Attachments on Weapons 

This feature is one of the few that will be crucial for adapting to your opponents, whilst also bringing your way back in a match.


The developers confirmed that crossplay is currently being built and tested for Battlefield 2042. Players from all over the globe can now experience gameplay across all platforms, obviously, this will take some time as it is only in the early stages of development.


This year’s release of Battlefield stands out mostly because of the extensive additions they have added to the gameplay. There will be multiple independent multiplayer game-modes some of which will be recognized by the fans, here are some additions to this year’s game:

All Out Warfare 

One of the next generation game-modes from the fans-favorite Breakthrough or Conquest now includes the largest map in the history of this series, which can accommodate up to 128 in-game players. Now you can experience unprecedented fierce warfare across maps featuring dangerous environmental endangerment (as seen in the trailer), and massive spectacular events.

Hazard Zone 

A new genre of squad-based games, which is suitable for the ‘’Battlefield’’ series, is a modern interpretation of the obvious, DICE multiplayer experience. EA sports interpreted that it will be very different from the warfare’s conquest modes, but unfortunately, they did not reveal all the particulars for this mode yet.


Due to its high popularity, this game will also be included in ESports whilst also being able to bet on sites such as this one. Obviously, there are many more features that were mentioned in the E3 event, and also in the trailer. Mentioning all of them will ruin your experience for this new ‘’Battlefield’’ series video game.


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