zack snyder batmobile tweet

Zack Snyder tweeted a pic of the Batmobile today. That sentence contains two bits of excitement.

1. The Batmobile!

2. Zack Snyder actually tweeted.

He’s been on twitter since 2010 and has only 43 tweets, although I only counted 33. He started out with a bang beginning around Comic Con time in  July 2010 and giving us 22 whole tweets. 2011 brought us two tweets and in 2012, another two tweets. 2013, he started ramping up again by giving us four. Now we are in 2014 and we find ourselves with three including two supercool Batmobile pics from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

zack snyder batmobile under tarp tweet

Look, the guy doesn’t owe us any tweets,  he can do what he wants with his time. It’s just…….it’s just…..he’s seen things we people wouldn’t believe!

I wish he would share them.


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Audrey Kearns