My favorite feel-good WEBTOON returned from hiatus last week and kicked off its second season! Yes, I’m talking about StarBite, CRC Payne, Kielamel Sibal, Lan Ma, C. M. Cameron and Camille Cruz‘s Eisner award-nominated Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. For the uninitiated, this is a slice-of-life series starring Bruce Wayne/Batman and the family he’s formed. Regular characters include all five Robins (Dick, Jason, Stephanie, Tim and Damian), Barbara Gordon (as Oracle), Cassandra Cain and Duke Thomas. And, of course, Alfred Pennyworth, the heart of this found family.

While the hero/vigilante aspects of the group are maintained, Batman: Wayne Family Adventures puts its emphasis squarely on the “family” parts of its characterizations. Everyday problems take the forefront. Like, will dad Bruce make it to daughter Cass’s ballet recital? Will big brother Dick recognize little brother Tim misses spending time with him? This is a series where the emotional connections between characters underpin everything else. 

Tim getting angry at Dick for bailing on their plans to go to the arcade.

Dick and Tim, as seen in episode 27

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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures went on a brief hiatus in August after the first season, which comprised of fifty-one episodes. Season Two, which launched September 28, 2022, has kicked off with Episode 52 and the introduction of a character as-yet-unseen in the WEBTOON – Bluebird. I love all of the regular characters in this series so much. But the “guest stars” are a lot of fun, too. Inspired by Bluebird (a character I’m unfamiliar with) and in celebration of the new season, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite guest-star episodes from season one.

DISCLAIMER: We are taking a peek into the different episodes within Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, so you might run into spoilers below. If you aren’t caught up on the series, we highly recommend it! New episodes drop every Thursday and can be read here!

Alfred Eats Dinner at the Kents’ 

Episode 47: “World’s Finest”

Guest Stars: Ma & Pa Kent (Superman’s adoptive parents) and Superman

The only thing better than Alfred trading stories with Superman’s adoptive parents over dinner is Superman freaking out over it with Batman at the batcave. This episode was so much fun. And Batman and Superman have definite Super Sons vibes here (a plus for me!)

Superman's adoptive father comments that he thought Batman was a vampire when he first met him.

Jonathan Kent, as seen in BWFA Episode 47

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Batman and Catwoman Flirt

Episode 26: “TMI”

Guest Star: Catwoman

Batman forgets to turn off his comm line here and inadvertently broadcasts himself putting the moves on Catwoman to his entire family. I love it. 

This is also a great example of the way Batman: Wayne Family Adventures humanizes Bruce Wayne (who is not exactly at his most suave and sophisticated here.)

Catwoman leans smilingly against a wall as Batman flirts with her

Catwoman and Batman, as seen in BWFA Episode 26

Damian Reads Pride & Prejudice

Episode 31: “Dirty Little Secret”

Guest Star: Jane Austen (via her novel)

Damian thinks he’s found something blackmail-worthy on Jason when he discovers a copy of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in Jason’s things. Jason (upping his cool quotient considerably for me) sets him straight. Consequently, while Jason calmly cleans his weapons, Damian spends the rest of the night reading Austen. This might be my favorite Batman: Wayne Family Adventure episode.

“I do not trust this Wickham character. He seems wrong for Elizabeth.” 

~Damian Wayne to Jason Todd

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Talia al Ghul Checks Up on Her Kid

Episode 18: “Mother and Son”

Guest Star: Talia al Ghul (Damian’s assassin mom)

I don’t know too much about Talia al Ghul, but this episode has me interested in exploring her backstory. How did she and Bruce/Batman get together? What is her relationship with Damian going forward? The heart she shows here, contrasted with what I already know of her as the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and an assassin, intrigues me.

Talia al Ghul, a woman with long dark hair, dangling gold earrings, and a pensive expression

Talia al Ghul, as seen in BWFA Episode 18

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Jason’s PTSD is Triggered

Episodes 45 & 46: “Strong Enough”

Guest Star: The Joker

Not every episode of Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is humorous. This one, focusing on the scars Jason carries courtesy of the Joker, was heartbreaking. The Joker doesn’t actually appear here, except in Jason’s memory, but he looms powerfully. And the importance of family ties and friendship in the healing process is beautifully portrayed.

“Remember, there’s no timetable for healing. Do what you need to do.”

~Alfred Pennyworth to Jason Todd

Jason Todd struggling with PTSD as he sees images of the Joker while rushing through the halls of Wayne Manor.

Jason Todd, as seen in BWFA Episode 45

Nobody in the Justice League Can Tie a Tie

Episode 38: “S.O.S.”

Guest Stars: Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Flash, Wonder Woman

This episode, which serves as proof that being a superhero doesn’t mean you can conquer formal dress, is just silly fun. It also highlights the inherent coolness of Alfred, who might not have superpowers or bat gadgets or the like, but is pretty much indispensable.

Wonder Woman commenting on "men"

Wonder Woman, as seen in BWFA Episode 38

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The GCPD Discuss the Robins

Episode 35: “GCPD”

Guest Stars: Commissioner Gordon and Renee Montoya

The perfect thumbnail portrait this gives of each of the Robins is what makes this episode great. The commentary of the Commissioner and Renee Montoya, grudging admirers of these upstart kids, makes me laugh every time. 

“Yeah, the lectures aren’t fun. But at least they still leave you with something to do. I hate when the kids just solve our cases for us.”

~Renee Montoya to Commissioner Gordon

Harley and Superman Cover for Batman

Episode 51: “Night In”

Guest Stars: Superman and Harley Quinn

I’m not the world’s biggest Harley Quinn fan. (I know, I know. She just gets on my nerves!) But I like her here, as a foil to Superman. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these two together. 

Superman and Harley Quin face each other, with the word SQUINT between them

Superman and Harley Quinn, as seen in BWFA Episode 51

Regular Batman: Wayne Family Adventures readers: do you have a favorite episode or character? (Guest star or otherwise.) Let us know in the comments and on social media!

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