We might be getting a detective focused Batman! Director Matt Reeves recently sat down to promote his latest film but no one can resist asking about The Batman. Reeves was able to tease fans by sharing his vision for the the film and it’s something to look forward to.

Speaking with NewTrailerBuzz, Reeves gave his ideas of what he wants to bring to the film. Most iterations have been action-focused crime fighting. While there is tech and a bit of detective work, it’s mostly action. And now we might have a detective driven narrative story. Reeves said the following. 

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There’s a chance to do an almost noir driven, detective version of Batman that is point-of-view driven in a very very powerful way, that will hopefully connect you to what’s going on inside of his head and inside of his heart

Yes. Reeves re-iterated his comparison to Caesar from Planet of the Apes to Bruce Wayne as trying to do the right thing. But his comments on a detective and psychological focused story is one I’m looking forward to. Tom King, the current writer of the Batman comic, has been doing a fantastic job on the psychological front. And I would love to see it brought to the big screen. As much as I love a punching Bats, I’d love to see more into his psyche.

What do you think of a noir detective movie? Are you excited or just waiting? Check out the interview below and let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more The Batman news.

Erin Lynch