As we all know it’s Batman v Superman week. The billboards, merchandising, trailers, fan boys and fan girls are out in numbers! Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies is contributing to the superhero madness with a truly unique offering.

This week, there are two Honest Trailers. One covering 1989’s Batman and one covering 1978’s Superman. Watch both and then watch your favorite again. The trailer with the most views will determine whether Honest Trailers takes on Batman Begins or Superman returns.

In truth, I am of the age where these older films were amazing to me when I was younger but I cannot say with all confidence that they hold up. So I really empathize with narrator Jon Bailey trying, unsuccessfully, to defend 1978’s Superman. Hilarious.

Fave Quote: Marlon Brando, who producers were too scared to tell he was mispronouncing Krypton.