It’s a sad day in Gotham. We can’t put into words how disappointed we are over the Batgirl news that dropped yesterday. After news leaked that the upcoming feature would never be seen, Variety confirmed that Warner Brothers’ film has been axed and won’t be released theatrically or on HBO Max. The film was helmed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and greenlit in 2021 as part of an effort to create films specifically for HBO Max.

Batgirl would have starred Leslie Grace in the title role alongside Brendan Fraser, Michael Keaton, J.K. Simmons, Ivory Aquino and Jacob Scipio. This wasn’t a small film by any definition. From the stacked cast to how El Arbi and Fallah spoke about the film during press events, it was going to be big. As it should be. We have had our fair share of live adaptations of Batman, plus The Batman-Joker feud has been retold countless times. But the idea that a live-action film would take us to Gotham for someone other than the Dark Knight? Some of the best news DC has shared in years.

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And unfortunately, it seems like it was too good to be true. But why scrap an entire movie? Especially after it has already been filmed. Warner Bros was quick to share that it had nothing to do with the quality of the film. But after almost hitting a $90 million budget, it still leaves us confused why they wouldn’t try to recoup some of the money by releasing it on HBO Max. We are still holding on to the idea that this is just temporary shelving of Batgirl and that they will choose to release the film in the future. Maybe, just maybe, what the DC/Warner Bros team-up needs now more than ever is to expand past their initial superhero list and share stories outside of the Justice League.

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