DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Barry episode “710N” has spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, hit people-turned-actors! Barry‘s sixth outing, “710N,” provides hilarity and edge-of-your-seat action aplenty, steering our characters down a path affecting their journey for the final three episodes of the season. The gags in this episode are top-tier, as is the high-speed motorbike chase through the car-packed roadways of Los Angeles. 

Ready to dig deep into “710N”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Fuches (Stephen Root) standing in the desert and chatting with Traci (Jolene Van Vugt) about the hot tub her late brother Taylor wanted to install, but, unfortunately, Barry screwed the pooch. While persuading her to make Barry her focus for target practice, Traci’s henchman shoots Fuches. They drive away while the camera pans on an unconscious Fuches. 

Meanwhile, Detective Dunn (Sarah Burns) informs Albert (James Hiroyuki Liao) that they ID-ed Fernando in the house bombing. Albert doesn’t believe NoHo Hank or “The Raven” are the culprits. He thinks someone with military experience is behind the curtain. 

Sally standing in a store wearing a coral cardigan in Barry Season 3 Episode 6 "710N."

Pictured: Sarah Goldberg in BARRY Season 3 Episode 6, “710N.” Photo credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Albert visits Sharon Lucado (Karen David), Chris Lucado’s widow. He asks about Barry, and Sharon updates Albert regarding our titular character’s escapades. Sharon suggests the veterans all hang out, to which Albert agrees. 

Next, Sally (Sarah Goldberg) seeks advice from a man working at a beignet establishment. Beignet Man possesses a wellspring of wisdom and intuitiveness despite his perceived stoicism and robotic responses. Lindsay (Jessy Hodges) urges Sally to take a meeting with BanShe regarding another potential project, but Sally doesn’t want to work with them again after what they did to Joplin.

Later, Sharon calls Barry (Bill Hader), inviting him to a get-together that evening at her home. As usual, Barry is his awkward self. He puts out feelers, testing the waters to see if she suspects him concerning her late husband’s death. 

Then, Fuches wakes in a pickup truck bed. He falls asleep, waking again in an unfamiliar bed. His eyes fall on the face of a beautiful woman. History repeats itself for good ole Fuches. 

Meanwhile, NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) weeps in his car while sitting outside PLANTS!, the former headquarters for the Chechens. He vents to Beignet Man, a purveyor of sweet treats and sage advice in equal measure. Hank believes he should travel to Bolivia to rescue Cristobal, but BM thinks Hank should take these red flags to heart and run for his life. BM suggests they start a business together, which Hank claims he’ll consider. 

Gene (Henry Winkler) finds Tom (Fred Melamed) sitting on his bed when he wakes. Fred informs Gene that a producer wants to give him a series titled The Gene Cousineau Masterclass, wherein Gene teaches folks to become better actors. It’ll hit streaming platforms and theaters simultaneously. Gene accepts the offer.

Gene asks Annie (Laura San Giacomo), who’s teaching an art class, to join him in his new endeavor. Gene even offers to give Annie his paycheck. He hopes to mend fences with this gesture. 

While recuperating in his new sanctuary, Fuches receives a call from Janice Moss’s father, asking him about her killer. Fuches mulls over meeting with him but changes his mind. 

Fuches walking through the desert while on the phone in Barry Season 3 Episode 6 "710N."

Pictured: Stephen Root in BARRY Season 3 Episode 6, “710N.” Photo credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Next, Barry leaves a voice text for Sally, apologizing for everything he’s done of late. Of course, the folks around him in the store react to his laundry list of awful things, but that’s what makes this scene hilarious. Sally reads the nonsensical text aloud to Lindsay before meeting with another BanShe executive. 

Lindsay urges Sally to accept the job offer, even though Sally has reservations about working in a writers’ room. She views it as a demotion, but Lindsay counters that this gives Sally time to audition and craft her next project. Sally gives it the greenlight. In the immortal words of Oprah Winfrey, “You get an entertainment job, you get an entertainment job, everyone gets an entertainment job!”

Meanwhile, the father of the woman smitten with Fuches has a chat about, well, not hurting his daughter. Fuches vows to put his past behind him. He’s a man of simple means now. However, immediately after their conversation, Fuches spots the news story about Barry and Gene. He steals the family’s truck and hightails it back to LA, calling Janice Moss’s father. Fuches is a flip-flopper, that’s for sure. 

Traci and her crew rummage through Barry’s belongings while his roommates have a recording session. Somehow, neither of them notices strangers in their apartment. 

Now, Barry seeks advice from the sage Beignet Man. It’s comedy in threes, y’all! He asks what he should do about the upcoming vet get-together at Sharon’s house. 

Suddenly, while driving to Sharon’s house, Traci and her goons try to attack Barry from all sides on their motorcycles. After a high-speed chase through a residential part of LA, he evades them, with one of the bikers flying through his windshield and perishing on impact. Fun times!

Barry steals the dead biker’s bike and drives to Sharon’s home. Unfortunately, the fight isn’t over, as more of Traci’s henchmen attempt to run him off the road. Well, on a highway in LA, no less. That’s dangerous. Thankfully, Barry escapes by the skin of his teeth … for now. He seeks shelter in a car dealership, but, once again, one of the bikers finds him. They drive their bike onto the roof and begin firing on innocent people. Barry utilizes the ensuing chaos to flee undetected. 

Barry sitting at a table while looking at his phone in Barry Season 3 Episode 6 "710N."

Pictured: Bill Hader in BARRY Season 3 Episode 6, “710N.” Photo credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

He finally arrives at Sharon’s home unscathed. Barry seems to be the first to arrive for this dinner. While eating something Sharon provided, Barry notices a business card for “Kenneth Goulet,” a.k.a. Fuches’ alias. He asks Sharon where she got the card, to which she replies, “Die, you motherf*cker.” 

Barry foams at the mouth and falls over. Uh oh. Poison in the sauce!

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“710N” presents Barry‘s most tense cliffhanger yet, leaving us wondering how Barry will manage to weasel his way out of this mess. Since Season 4 is on the horizon, it’s abundantly clear that our titular lead will survive, but I’m curious to see how this pans out for him. 

I’m glad to see Sally and Gene succeed, especially as the latter moves through a lovely redemption arc. It’s interesting watching certain characters soar high above the clouds on this show while Barry plunges deeper into despair. The consequences of his actions are catching up with him. 

I love the Beignet Man running gag and Barry listing his offenses at full volume in public while sending a voice text to Sally. Nobody does dark comedy brimming with intelligence quite like Barry.

How will Barry walk away from his current predicament unscathed? Will NoHo Hank travel to Bolivia to face Elena and save Cristobal? Will Albert set his sights on Barry? Join me next week while I recap Barry, only on Geek Girl Authority. 

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