During the Hi-Rex Expo 2018, it was announced that we should start expecting new pantheons being added to their MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) SMITE. With their latest addition, Baron Samedi, we are getting the Vodoo Pantheon! This is the second pantheon added this year. The first pantheon, Slavic, was added with the God Chernobog. Baron Samedi was officially released in Patch 5.11 on June 26th 2018 for the PC and will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon enough. If you do not have the Ultimate God Pack DLC, Baron Samedi will cost you 11,000 favor or 200 gems to add him to your roster. To get a closer look at the newest mage God to enter the arena keep reading below!

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If you think that life ends in death then Baron Samedi will prove you wrong. As the Haitian Vodoo God of Life and Death it is his job to lead souls into the afterlife and make sure they enjoy the party! Not only is he in charge of death, he also the giver of life. If Baron Samedi decides not to dig your grave you will never die! Afraid of zombies? Don’t worry because he has you covered, too! He will make sure that those pesky corpses stay in the ground! Baron Samedi is only looking to make sure everyone has a good time. Best be on his good side in life and even death!


Passive: Hysteria allows Baron Samedi to share his Baron’s Brew with teammates through the item shop. This is a chalice that has three charges and will refill every time they step into their team’s fountain. Also any enemies hit by Baron Samedi will gain hysteria which will make his attacks have different effects when used! Any God with max hysteria will take an additional 25% damage from Baron Samedi!

Vivid Gaze: Vivid Gaze is an awesome lane clear as well as snipe attack. The two beams can fire directly at a single target or cause them to cross over by either aiming closer or further away from you. Any enemies that get hit by both beams will take 15% more on the second hit. Of course if the enemy God is above 30 hysteria, their physical power, magical power, and attack speed are reduced by 30%.

Consign Spirits: Consign Spirits is a ground target that causes magical damage. Baron Samedi guides restless spirits into the ground and after a moment they erupt causing damage to any enemies in the circle. If an enemy God is hit within the circle, friendly spirits will fly to close teammates and heal them. If any enemy God is above 30 hysteria, the friendly spirits will cleanse slows, make allies immune to slows, and increase their movement speed.

Wrap it Up: Throwing his snake forward, Baron is able to wrap an enemy God that is hit and deal damage every .5 seconds and for 4 seconds they are slowed until eventually rooted. If the God hit is over 30 hysteria, the snake will lash out against nearby Gods. Those that are hit will be hit with venom that slows them and eventually roots them.

Life of the Party: Baron Samedi’s ultimate not only is mechanically amazing but also visually one of the best I have seen in a while. Baron Samedi pulls out his coffin and leaps up, pulling the souls of the living towards him. During this time he takes 50% reduced damage and becomes crowd control (CC) immune. Gods that are in his cone will take damage every .33s and be pulled closer to the coffin. If an enemy God gets too close, they will have their soul ripped out! This causes them to be stunned, take a large amount of damage, and reach max hysteria! The best part is that Baron Samedi is still able to move, allowing him to chase down enemy Gods!

Recommended Item Builds   

Baron Samedi is a powerful mage to play with. His abilities work well to build up hysteria and capitalize on getting the most damage from his abilities. Since he is such a new God, there are no current recommended builds for him. Above is what I have been building for him and with the right team composition I have done extremely well. However, I would recommend build items with speed since he lacks a true getaway ability. I would also suggest to pick items that will reduce casting time as well, allowing you to use abilities more frequently. Never ever forget to pick up your Baron’s Brew as well. For only 150 gold you can pick it up in the very beginning and it saves time from having to run back when you run out of mana.

Personal Review

For the first time in a while I had a lot of fun playing a brand new God. Baron Samedi is a visually stunning character to play and a fresh face to all the other Gods we have been seeing. I am also a huge fan of Vodoo mythology so this addition really strikes my interest. His abilities blend so well together making him smooth to play and transition between fights. I was able to play a few arenas with a friend and it was easy to correspond attacks that either locked Gods in place for their Ultimate or use an ability to finish off a God close to death. While I know he is super overpowered right now, I am sure he will receive the squish treatment to bring him down to size. He is a fun God to play with and I would definitely recommend players that are new to SMITE to give him a try.



Julia Roth
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