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So as wacky and over-the-top as Fox’s hit series, Gotham, has a tendency to be, they are unafraid to just freaking go for it. If the story calls for someone to die, then they die, and not only that, but they typically die in a grisly, perfectly-Gotham sort of way. We saw this last night with two murders and a dismembered body, putting Theo Galavan fully on the loose and Edward Nygma becoming even more unhinged.

Please note, none of this necessarily makes it a “good” show, but it certainly makes it lots of fun to watch.

And now, next week, it looks like we’ve got Barbara Kean, played by Erin Richards, finally let out of her cage to chase down her beloved Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and put an end to him. Obviously, they can’t kill Jim Gordon. Beyond him being the main character in the show, he’s also got to stay alive for at least another 15 years so he can be around when Bruce Wayne finally becomes Batman. However, where’s the story going to go with Barbara? Jim won’t be able to kill her, but Bullock could, or Captain Barnes, both good men and good cops just trying to look out for their partner and friend.

It’s unlikely that they will do anything to her beyond incapacitating her, but in a show like Gotham, where they disembody supporting cast and dig eyes out with spoons, anything is possible.

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