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A crazy-ex. Everyone has one. Unfortunately for Jim Gordon, in Gotham, a crazy ex can mean they are a psychotic murderer hellbent on revenge and making your life an inescapable labyrinth of torture and hell.

We’re all counting our blessings that we don’t live in Gotham now, aren’t we?

Things started getting rocky for the two ex-lovers halfway through last season, but now, they are on complete opposite sides, with Detective Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, fighting for justice and order, and Barbara Kean, played by Erin Richards, just looking to sew some chaos no matter how many people die.

According to the promo for this up-coming episode, Theo Galavan is turning Barbara loose to finally kill Gordon. Is the semi crash supposed to be the end of it, or is it just the beginning? We know Jim will make it out alive, the show’s about him after all. But just how alive is he and how will this change him because that crash did not look like it was easy.

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