Who runs the world? Strong, intelligent, wit-filled, badass leading ladies in WEBTOONs. We don’t make the rules; we just enforce them. To celebrate Internation Women’s Day, we are taking another look at 10 of our favorite badass leading ladies that drive their respective stories forward. From ladies with supernatural powers to ladies who work in the science fields, we love them all. Check out the list below and let us know what leading lady you love! Are we missing one? Be sure to check out our original list to see if they made it there!

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Callahan – Shiloh

Kicking off our badass leading ladies list is Shiloh‘s, Officer Callahan! From the creative minds of Kit Trace and Kate Flynn comes one hell of a powerhouse. When Callahan and her rather grumpy partner arrive first on the scene of a murder, they are thrown into something more dangerous than they ever expected. Callahan may be hot-headed and a rookie, but she is determined to track down who is pulling all of the strings and willing to do anything to protect her partner and the people around her.

Shiloh just finished up its second season and can be read here!

Callahan in Shiloh WEBTOON Original

Poppy – Midnight Poppy Land

While Poppy from Lilydusk‘s Midnight Poppy Land might not have superpowers or any special abilities, she has her wit. And she really needs it dealing with Tora and all the drama that comes with hanging out with members of the mafia. Poppy has been through quite a bit since the start of the series but still manages to hold her head high. And don’t let her pint-size appearance fool you. Poppy can pack a punch when she really needs to.

Midnight Poppy Land updates every Saturday and can be read here!

Poppy in Midnight Poppy Land WEBTOON Original Series

Marian – Red Archer

One would suspect that a WEBTOON that retells the story of Robin Hood would make him the main character. But that isn’t the case with Isabelle Ranson‘s Red Archer. Instead, this story focuses on Marian, the not so helpless version who waits for Robin’s saving. This Marian is strong, intelligent and ready to take on a King who doesn’t deserve to rule. Marian is out to start a revolution and this time the mysterious masked thief is going to be following her lead.

Red Archer updates three times a month and can be read here!

Marian in Red Archer WEBTOON Canvas Series

Rayne – Homesick

Another badass leading lady we love to chat about is Rayne from Ms. Freaky‘s thriller Homesick. She may have woken up without any recollection of who she is or what is going on, but she isn’t ready to throw in the towel. Rayne is prepared to throw down with some monsters to ensure she and Samuel have a fighting chance. With her strength and wit, Rayne is ready to face whatever horrors await her, even if they are coming from within.

Homesick is currently on hiatus and can be read here!

Rayne in Homesick WEBTOON Original Series

Nita – Not Even Bones

We can’t talk about badass leading ladies without diving into Rebecca Schaeffer and Alai Cinereo‘s Not Even Bones! Nita kicks major ass. Literally and figuratively. Her family doesn’t just hunt supernatural beings; they carve them up and sell the body parts on the black market. At the beginning of the series, Nita believes that she knows everything about her family. That is until she uncovers that things are even worse. But she doesn’t shy away from what she needs to do.

Not Even Bones updates every Sunday and can be read here!

Nita in Not Even Bones WEBTOON Original Series

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Ray – Crumbs

Not every badass leading lady on this list needs to hold their own in a fight. In fact, what I love about Ray from Whitherling‘s Crumbs is that her strength is all inside. She is strong, determined and brilliant. Ray also has some pretty extraordinary magical abilities too. She is an inspiration for everyone who reads the series and a warm hug on a cold day. You seriously can’t help falling in love with her.

Crumbs is completed and can be read here!

Ray in Crumbs WEBTOON Original Series

Mercy – Of Swamp & Sea

I think by this point, my fellow WEBTOON fans know just how much I love Jay and Laurel Boulton‘s Of Swamp & Sea. And one of those reasons is because Mercy is a badass leading lady. Jonah may be showing her the ropes when it comes to monster hunting and dealing with possessions, but Mercy has a skill set all her own. She is determined, strong-willed and highly compassionate. Not to mention, she is willing to do anything in order to make sure everyone is safe, even from herself.

Of Swamp & Sea updates every Wednesday and can be read here!

Mercy in Of Swamp & Sea WEBTOON Original Series

Axelia – AXED

As I said, not everyone on this list needs to hold their own in a fight. But, Axelia from Shren Patel and Emi MG‘s AXED most definitely can. She is tenacious, strong and a hard worker who sets out to slay monsters. That’s right; our girl is out here slaying real-life monsters. Except that Axelia isn’t since the world declared a peace between humans and monsters. So now she uses those skills elsewhere and the entire adventure is nothing but endless laughs.

AXED is completed and can be read here!

Axelia in AXED WEBTOON Original Series

Elliot – Blood Stain

Sometimes being a badass leading lady in a WEBTOON means taking on some of the most terrifying jobs. Like being an assistant for a mad scientist. Just ask Elliot of Sigeel‘s Blood Stain. This girl has a serious work ethic to put up with someone who she is sure might be conducting some Frankenstein-level experiments in his basement. Plus, Elliot is a woman in STEM and we absolutely love her for that. How much more exciting can she get?

Blood Stain updates every other Monday and can be read here!

Elliot in Blood Stain WEBTOON Canvas Series

Mina – Rain Girl

Finally, our last badass leading lady for this year goes to Ashtreehouse‘s Rain Girl Mina. After her father’s death, she goes to live with her aunt and cousins only to find that their town has some supernatural secrets lying below the surface. Mina is by far one of my favorite female WEBTOON characters and is written so well. She is strong, intelligent, caring and has her head on her shoulders. Mina is prepared to do what she must to make sure everyone comes out with their happily-ever-after.

Rain Girl updates every other Friday and can be read here!

Mina in Rain Girl WEBTOON Canvas Series

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