Here’s something to make your Monday bright.  Bad Lip Reading has given us a new installation with Hostiles on the Hill – A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back.  Let’s call this a ‘curated’ Bad Lip Reading.  It’s unlike most, in that they’ve created a song… a rap to be more precise, using the same clips in repetition.  And, it’s all about Hoth. 

They did something similar with Seagulls!  (Stop it Now!) where they focused on Yoda.  The work they must have to put into this is astonishing.  The lip reading is, of course, the highlight.  But, in a video like this, where they’ve written a song around it, you get to see the many ways they can lip read the same clip and still make it believable… and so funky.  

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And, if you’re looking for an ear worm, you’re going to get a good one.  I’ve been singing ‘You are like cinnamon!’ since I watched it the first time… but it won’t be the last.  Check it out. 



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