Oh, you guys.  The fine folks at Bad Lip Reading have done it again.  And, they’ve done it again with Yoda.  It’s amazing and hilarious fan edit taken from The Last Jedi  (and The Mandalorian), made  into what will be a music video for the ages… My Stick! 

You might know Yoda from such Bad Lip Reading hits as Seagulls! (Stop it Now).  In fact, there is a pretty brilliant little nod to Yoda’s opinions of seagulls in his new song.  Full circle, people.  In My Stick, Yoda makes very very sure that Luke knows the value of his stick, that Luke won’t get his stick, that Luke will feel the pain of stick beatings, and that everybody knows it’s better than bacon.  

If you need a laugh to end your time in 2019 and launch yourself head first and smiling into 2020, watch this now.  Make sure to stick through all of it, because, boy howdy, when he got into the break down about birds and piggies, I was laughing so the neighbors could hear!  You even get a little baby Yoda action, because of course you should. 

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