The Americans is finally back this week for its (sob) final season, so let’s take a moment to remember where we left everyone at the end of season five. Shall we?

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Philip (Matthew Rhys): He was so, so ready to retire. He broke up with his teenage girlfriend, telling her he was moving to Japan, and he was ready to put her behind him… until he listened to the tape he collected from her father’s briefcase and found out dad had gotten a big promotion. Crestfallen, he resisted the temptation to chuck the thing into the water and pretend he’d never heard it. Instead he confessed to Elizabeth what was on the tape, leaving them unsure about what Philip’s future held.

Elizabeth (Keri Russell): She had a weird soft spot for psychopath Tuan all last season, and she was training Paige to be a badass fighter and adept liar. This woman is a teacher and mother at heart, isn’t she just? She remains committed to the cause and excellent at her career. 

Paige (Holly Taylor): On the road to being a spy. She spent the season shedding her commitment to the church, picking up some fighting skillz and learning to lie convincingly. The culmination of her efforts was being able to walk confidently to her car after a nighttime session at the food pantry, knowing she could defend herself if muggers appeared again. 

Henry (Keidrich Sellati): You literally just missed him. He’s over at Stan’s having dinner and/or at his girlfriend’s house filling in boarding school applications. Although he did get that all-access tour of the FBI one time, so maybe he’s there?

Stan (Noah Emmerich): Shacked up with Renee (Laurie Holden), who is DEFINITELY A SPY. Remember that a “plumbing problem” that made her need to move in with him “temporarily”? AS IF. At work, maybe Stan finally has some good operatives who will help him stay in counter-intelligence. 

Oleg (Costa Ronin): Wandering the nighttime streets of Moscow while the KGB closes in on him?

Martha (Alison Wright): Hopefully building a life in Moscow with a new adopted daughter, Olya.

Gabriel (Frank Langella): Retired in Moscow; not welcome at Martha’s house.

Claudia (Margo Martindale): Back in the saddle as Philip and Elizabeth’s handler. Happy with Tuan’s evil streak and Paige’s prospects. 

Mischa (Alex Ozerov): Philip’s firstborn is back in Russia after a failed attempt to meet his father, but he did get to connect with Philip’s brother and his family as a consolation prize. 

The Morozov family: At least Evgheniya (Irina Dvorovenko) & Pasha (Zack Gafin) moved back to Moscow after Pasha’s suicide attempt, where the Center wanted to blackmail her into helping them manipulate the CIA operative she’d been having an affair with. 

Tuan (Ivan Mok): All done, I guess.

Pastor Tim (Kelly AuCoin): Moved on to the new job Claudia helped arrange for him– we hope. 

Agent Aderholt (Brandon J. Dirden): Still being a creeper. 

Kimmy (Julia Garner): We last saw her heartbroken about losing her middle-aged boyfriend to “Japan,” but that was right before Philip discovered that her dad had gotten the juicy promotion that would make her an even better asset. 

Everything I’ve seen about season six so far says that there’s a time-jump three years forward to 1987, and that Philip is retired and running the travel agency full time. We’ll find out how that’s going on Wednesday, when we’ll get to test my theories. They are:

  1. RENEE IS A SPY. Come on.
  2. The computer the Jennings have had in their living room for years is doing something nefarious and may have turned Henry into a spy ages ago. 
  3. Henry is either “at college” or a full-on spy. I am completely torn about him.
  4. The only way out for the Jennings is through defection and Witness Protection. 

I’m worried about Oleg, but I have no idea what to project for him. I hope he’s alive!

Season six recaps start Wednesday night!


Leona Laurie