In a matter of seconds, at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian, pop culture and Star Wars fandom was changed forever. Baby Yoda was introduced to the universe and we’ll never be the same. The immediacy in which we fell in love with The Child has left an indelible mark. The eyes, the ears, the broth sipping… We were immediately in our feelings and could not climb out. And, thankfully, so were some very creative fans. 

Lovestruck, creative fans put out some wonderfully clever and sublimely hilarious videos. They run the gamut of Christmas song remakes, Hamilton mash-ups to very original productions. Take a look, dive into your Baby Yoda emotions and enjoy!

Baby Yoda Song (Grogu)

Really, the only appropriate reaction to this incredible rap song is “oh my god this is exactly how I feel about Baby Yoda I can’t take his eyes and cuteness any longer I’m in my feelings too somebody help me I can’t stop thinking about the green one” or something along those lines. Anyway, this fan video is nothing short of genius and really taps into what we all feel about the little green Child. ChewieCatt made the brilliant decision to have the lyrics scrolling in the video so you can laugh and scream “I feel the same way” throughout. And you will. Six million people have already watched the video and have done the same thing. 


Go to Sleep Baby Yoda

Those who have ever tried to put a toddler to sleep will feel this fan video. The Star Wars fan video covers the painful routine that is bedtime.  The Auralnauts did a great job capturing this adult nightmare using The Mandalorian footage in their fan video, Go to Sleep Baby Yoda.  Wait for the bridge, wait for it!


Dear Baby Yoda

From Isaac K. Lee and Jason Gallagher, a.k.a Ice2Ice of The Ringer comes Dear Baby Yoda: A Love Song. The song is brilliantly based on ‘Dear Theodosia’ from Hamilton. In the beginning, Lee’s voice is so beautiful that the song pulls on your heart strings immediately. There’s some great humor in the video too as Gallagher has to make a choice between his son and Baby Yoda. 

Pew Pew Pew! Yoda Baby

Actor Paul Vogt put his musical skills and fandom to use and created an adorably funny music video based on the Christmas song made famous by Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby. Check out the video below, it’s witty, catchy and has the pew-pews!

The Child, This Is!

After I posted this article, FB user ‘Adam West’ commented, “What?! No Mary Sues’ ‘The Child, Is This?'” I had no idea what he was talking about but I thought, fine, fine, I check this thing out. Well! It’s amazing. The Mary Sues’ youtube channel only has the following video so far but I’m really excited to see more. After a quick trip to their website, it seems that this “musical trio of nerdy ladies” just recently started making music under The Mary Sues name so we can expect new music in 2020. I’d love to see a concert that features The Mary Sues along with The Library Bards!

Their Baby Yoda song, “The Child, Is This” is based on the Christmas song “What Child Is This” and is beautiful and very clever. The ladies nail their song with beautiful harmonies and creative lyrics like “This, this is Yoda Babe, Whom Hunters track and Mando saves.” They also look incredibly badass. I love the fact that this little green guy and The Mandalorian has spurred people like these talented ladies into creativity and production.

Enjoy the video and your new favorite nerd group!

Baby Yoda’s Waddle

I thought I was done posting Baby Yoda videos but I just saw this. The reason this one made the list is because when you watch it, you feel something in your gut. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there. And it’s deep. And it almost hurts but at the same time feels so good. Well, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s love. It’s the kind of love where you think, “If I love you any more than I do right now I might explode or I might dissolve into a puddle of happy tears. What are you doing to me? Just stop! But really, don’t stop.” I digress. This is from Twitter use @pirateangelbaby and it’s 39 seconds of watching Baby Yoda waddle while a very happy song plays (Phil Collins, I’m on My Way). After watching, I spent 15 minute trying to decide if it was the waddle or the eyes that made me fall in love with the green toddler then I dissolved in a puddle of happy tears. 

This article was originally published on December 27, 2019.