He’s ready to tear up the streets of Gotham.

Today, director Matt Reeves gifted fans once again with an exclusive look at the upcoming film The Batman. Posting on Twitter, he showed the world his version of the Batmobile, and it’s pretty damn awesome. Sharing three images, the director showed us the front, side and rear of the car, giving us a pretty clear look at it. At first glance, this is one of the most tame versions we’ve seen since the live action series from the ’60s starring Adam West.

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It looks like it’s a heavily modified sports car (mayhaps a Dodge Challenger Hellcat?), with a very aggressive, exposed engine in the back. It’s unclear if the back panel is exposed as well, but it’s doubtful as it would likely choke Batman to death with the fumes! However, despite the back fanning out to look like bat wings, there’s not much that makes it stand out immediately as the Batmobile. He can obviously use that to his advantage on the prowl. You could almost say it’s simplistic in design, but clearly it’s going to the be the power of it that intimidates his Rogue’s gallery and the Gotham PD.

I like the change of pace with the Batmobile, from tank to a car. This film is really setting itself apart from all the others already, and I dig it. We’ve seen so many iterations, let’s keep bringing fresh things to the table! Also if I could geek out for just a minute – the composition of the photos is just so cool, especially the one with Batman standing in front of his car while the engine is roaring in the back. Love it!

Check out the images below, and let us know what you think of the new and improved Batmobile. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more updates around The Batman

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Another angle of the Batmobile from Matt Reeves' The Batman
Another angle of the Batmobile from Matt Reeves' The Batman