Are you ready for the Avengers: Infinity War this weekend? Are you desperately trying to avoid spoilers on social media? Did you unfortunately discover that someone put up the entire plot on Wikipedia?

Well, here’s an ear worm (and eye worm) that you can lose yourself in as you whittle down the final hours before your showing of the Marvel movie. Jimmy Fallon gathered some of the Avengers top actors put together a hilarious and addicting video. The video, called The Marvel Bunch is a parody of the Brady Bunch’s iconic opening credits. The video starts with the man that started in all, Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. It goes on from there with each actor getting one line that encapsulates their character Chris Pratt gives the first spit take laugh with his on point Peter Quill line delivery. Benedict Cumberbatch reaction to Pratt is fantastic and he has the most wonderful voice, no surprise there. Chadwick Boseman gets to sing the best line of all. There’s also a fun cameo at the end. 


The Marvel Bunch is perfect for multiple viewings. Each time you watch, keep your eye on a different person and just try to pry the smile off your face (Scarlett Johansson’s joy in particular makes me happy). Enjoy getting this stuck in your head and good luck getting to the movie spoiler-free. You can do it!