The first Avatar sequel is, as they say, in the can.  Well, for this year, anyway.  They’ve finished their 2019 filming for the very ambitious sophomore film.  To commemorate the event, they took to Twitter with a sneak peek photo. 

Director James Cameron is planning four, yes four, Avatar sequels.  It’s been 10 years since we saw the first movie, and it’s taken awhile, but the train is now rolling.  Cameron has spent a lot of time talking about doing underwater motion capture.  So, it’s fitting that the sneak peek photo he released is of a water tank and vessel that they’re using in the second film.

The photo doesn’t give us too much information.  It’s shot from far above and it’s not super easy to make out what you’re looking at; besides water.  But there is clearly a boat in the background with some kind of large ‘equipment’ mounted on the front.  And, in the tank is another vessel that looks smaller; presumed to be the ‘mothership’ to which the post refers.

The Sea Dragon will, apparently, play a part in more than just the second film.  You’ll notice there is reference to “sequels” plural.  That means a whole lot of underwater action to come. 

Avatar 2 is set to premiere in 2021.



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