HBO Max’s diversified show roster is also dipping into comic book territory and their series order of DMZ proves that. According to Deadline, the show based on the DC comics of the same name has been ordered by the streamer and will begin production in 2021. 

Prolific creatives Ava DuVernay and Roberto Patino are the masterminds behind the limited series adaptation. The series will consist of four episodes. DuVernay will be at the helm as director while Patino serves as the scribe. Both DuVernay and Patino are executive producers for DMZ

DMZ takes place in a futuristic America that’s entangled in a civil war. Manhattan is a demilitarized zone (DMZ). The city is completely decimated and ostracized from the rest of the country. Alma Ortega (Rosario Dawson) is our titular protagonist. She’s a medic whose objective is to locate her son that she lost amid the evacuation of New York City at the beginning of the war. Parco Delgado (Benjamin Bratt) is a formidable leader of one of the most prominent gangs in the DMZ. Delgado’s mission is to rule this new world with an iron fist. We’ll see Ortega try to mitigate and wend her way through this no holds barred, utterly lawless city. Ultimately, she provides hope for the factions and residents that live in the demilitarized zone. 

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Patino had this to say regarding his partnership with DuVernay and their mission to breathe life into DMZ:

I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this epic to the screen with my boundary-pushing partners at WBTV and HBO Max, a sublime cast led by Rosario and Benjamin, and my partner and friend, the inimitable and ever-inspiring Ava DuVernay. DMZ offers up an explosive playground which, more than anything else, exalts the resilience of community and the human spirit. I can’t wait to welcome the die-hard fans of the comic books and new viewers alike to this intoxicating, haunting and inspiring world.

I’m so ready for this adaptation to hit our screens! Comic books are wonderful resources to mine for political and societal commentary. With DuVernay at the helm, I have no doubt DMZ will make its mark. Especially on a bold, boundary-breaking streamer like HBO Max. 

The series also stars Hoon LeeFreddy Miyares and Jordan Preston Carter

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