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Did you see the #ResidentEvil showcase!? A new #REVillage
trailer, a new #ResidentEvilInfiniteDarkness trailer and a crossover with #DeadbyDaylight? Count us in! We broke everything down for you right here!


John Walker faces the consequences of his actions while Sam and Bucky return home in this week's episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Check out our recap!

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Looking for a new feel-good fiction book to read? Check out our favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels we think should be on your tbr list!

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This week's #SaturdayMorningWebtoons is ready to win over your hearts with these two romance series #SubZero and #TheMakeupRemover! Check out why you need to be reading them!


Netflix is winning our hearts and breaking them at the same time! Have you seen the new trailer for the final season of #Castlevania? We have quite a few thoughts on what is to come in season four!

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