~Matt Key

The thing you never knew you wanted is here!

And, like, not only in the way you think!

A couple days ago it was announced that there would be a Manga mash-up of the monstrous Titans, from Attack on Titan, with heroes from the Marvelverse.

I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW I WANTED TO SEE THAT! But, Hulk vs Titan vs Spider-Man? YES! Not to mention, what’s Doctor Doom think of all this? Is he trying to take over the Titans? And Doctor Strange? What can he do!?


In an article from the masters over at Comic Book Resources, they are saying that the story will take place in New York and features the Avengers fighting 46-foot tall female Titan (that’s really bad, you know what I’m talking about). This comes out in the November 15th issue of Japan’s Brutus Magazine with illustrations done by Hajime Isayama, AoT’s creator.

But, BUT,

Even better than that, is that Universal Studios Japan announced that they will be putting up a statue of the 49-foot Eren Titan fighting the 46-foot tall female titan for it’s “Universal Cool Japan” attraction.


Honestly, they do everything better in Japan.

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